2013: 4th day of Animanga

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Vampire Princess Miyu

Until a month ago, when we started writing our list for “12 days of Christmas”, Vampire Princess Miyu was not even on the map and, at first, it seemed as if she had no chance to get it, mostly because the four OVAs we watched were rather bittersweet -not lame, but not great either. And that’s when we started the TV series that aired during the late 1990s and I found myself in love with yet another great retro series. Continue reading


The gentleness of ‘Natsume Yuujinchou’

One word to describe this series: yasashii…
The title of the series is referring to the Book of Friends that Takashi Natsume inherited from his powerful grandmother, Reiko Natsume. It contains the names of spirits she defeated in different games and pranks in order to kill time since she was not liked by other schoolmates and generally people because she was a ‘weirdo’, appearing to speak on her own with no one , seemingly, nearby. We watch Natsume giving back to those creatures their names, while he develops as a character, coming closer to both people and the supernatural.
Thus, could it be that the series’ title is also referring to the series itself, each episode being a page of the ‘book’ and a story about Natsume and his new friends, whom he meets along his way?  Continue reading