On Consent & the media


Recently, two major incidents took place in Greece: first of all. the blackmailing of a left politician on the basis of a video which was recorded by some students who gave it to a reporter, who in his turn used it to expose the politician’s sexual preferences; the second is concerns the Greek Pride parades and is splitted into another two issues: i) a photographer took an unsolicited picture of a trans woman. At first denied doing so, but under pressure from those nearby deleted it. Afterwards an article was written to discuss the topic and a lawyer was asked about it. ii) A few days later, Golden Dawn (the extreme right wing party of the Greek parliament) uploaded the photos from Thessaloniki Pride, which where hosted on an online magazine, to their own site with harmful intentions.

What these cases have in common is that there was no consent given to record the video or to take photos, and this material was used to attack the victims. I hope we can agree that there is something very wrong with blaming the victim. There is something totally disturbing when the actor (this time, the reporters) isn’t accused of violating the law. Continue reading

What’s the fuss about Pride parades?

by dirchansky Introduction

Sexuality and gender are two of the most important aspects of a person’s identity. They are so important, in fact, that they shape how others perceive us and whether they approve and accept who we are. There are many stories, fictional or based on real circumstances, that describe the rising conflicts when expressions of identity outside of the norm become visible. Rarely though are we concerned with the opposite situation. Imagine what happens when something that you see as a fundemental aspect of yourself is invisible.  Continue reading

On Romantic Illusions – Part 1

Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul.

~ Charlie Chaplin in a letter to his daughter, Geraldine

 It so happened that during my e-walks I stumbled upon this quote and I felt quite akward till hair-raising. It seems very innocent and cute; nothing wrong with it, right? Me being a crabbed person who overanalyzes things might be a more possible scenario, some of you might think. I’m really sorry though that things aren’t like this, since I don’t consider myself a masochist to want to ruin my mood with every little thing.  Continue reading

A story of flaming pink and sea blue


Introduction: A rather arbitrary starting point

There is an old family photo in one of my grandmother’s album’s that was taken when I was still a newborn. It shows my baby-self, my father, grandpa and great-grandfather sitting in the four seats of our automobile. Four generations of the family’s men standing together, ready to take separate paths. I doubt my grandma can even imagine that, for the baby boy in that photo, that path has led him to not see himself as a man.

*This is a long article, full of personal, LGBT-related thoughts. Though we respect freedom of speech, no bigotry is going to be accepted.* Continue reading

Left Unsaid: 4. First Time(s)


It’s either overestimated or underestimated, isn’t it? The infamous first time. Why plural in the title? What is your guess?

In this post, I’ll share my experience, but I won’t refer to specific names as to protect my privacy and the privacy of my partner(s). I’m willing to talk about it because I find it important for young girls/women to protect and enjoy themselves while not feeling alone in their heart troubles. I can relay only my story, which concerns heterosexual sex, but I’ll mention briefly some basic sex ed stuff for same sex couples. Boys/Men are welcome to take a peek as to see sex from a different perspective and act accordingly towards their loved ones.    Continue reading

Intimacy = Sex = Penetration?


Lately, I’ve finished watching My-Otome and its related by-products. There were a few things I found satisfying in My-Hime’s spin off besides battles and the OST, but the Akane x Kazuya pairing wasn’t one of them. Although I loved them in My-Hime, things changed drastically for the worse. I was particularly annoyed by how their relationship was treated.

Although I don’t expect much from a mainstream shounen show, phallocracy and misconceptions about relationships and sex don’t claim a specific ethnicity. My-Otome is just the trigger to attempt answering the question “Does sex equals penetration, and is sex the only way to get intimate?”  Continue reading

Queers and the complicated reality

Queers and the complicated reality
Look carefully at this picture. Focus on  the rainbow. Can you really tell where each color starts and ends? No, because rainbow is a spectrum of colors. And that’s exactly where the problem with the pride flag lies. Its colors aren’t gradient. I believe that this fact reflects certain solid ideas within the lgbtq community. Although the colors of the flag stand for ideals and not labels, and reasons of convenience might play a major role in the final creation-symbol (namely the flag), I think that when someone produces ‘art’, the subconscious always gets involved. In this case, it represents a denial in complexity and fluidity of identities …
Warning: A comic follows whose last two panels are NSFW.