Top 10 pre-2000 OPs & EDs


This is a topic loved by many anibloggers, so I’ll take the opportunity to take a look at it, too. My selection is based on the combination of both memorable songs and appealing/ unusual visuals and is divide by decades with the exception of this first installment which covers material until 2000. Note that I’ll always list the titles chronologically as I find it both hard and dumb to choose between favorite children.

This is also a great exercise to get more aware about my tastes but also to pay attention to how animation evolved.  Continue reading


Devilman: The Demon Bird



Devilman: The Demon Bird (デビルマン 妖鳥シレーヌ編) is the sequel to The Birth (デビルマン 誕生編) and it is the second of the three Devilman OVAs I wish to review. [1] Bolder than its ancestor when it comes to violence, action oriented and with improved animation, it is a worthy telling of Fudo Akira’s adventures.

The article is full of spoilers, so be warned. Continue reading

Devilman: The Birth



Devilman: The Birth (デビルマン 誕生編) is the first of the three Devilman OVAs I wish to review. It was first released on November 1, 1987 by King Records. Along with its sequel, The Demon Bird (デビルマン 妖鳥シレーヌ編), it is the closest thing to the original 1972 Devilman manga the world has experienced so far.

I decided to write this article because I consider Devilman to be extremely underestimated in comparison to other Nagai franchises [1], even though, in my opinion, it is his masterpiece. The article is full of spoilers, so be warned. Continue reading

2013: 6th day of Animanga


Guyver: The Bio Booster Armor

As a science fiction fan, I admit that the genre is a big mystery to me. There are works that seem to have what it takes to be interesting, yet they fail to deliver the blow that’ll wake up my fanboyism. And there are works like Guyver: The Bio Booster Armor that contains many of the stereotypes an average fan of science fiction expects, yet they instantly hit the target once the story starts. Continue reading

2013: 4th day of Animanga

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Vampire Princess Miyu

Until a month ago, when we started writing our list for “12 days of Christmas”, Vampire Princess Miyu was not even on the map and, at first, it seemed as if she had no chance to get it, mostly because the four OVAs we watched were rather bittersweet -not lame, but not great either. And that’s when we started the TV series that aired during the late 1990s and I found myself in love with yet another great retro series. Continue reading

2013: 3rd day of Animanga


Irresponsible Captain Tylor

“Love it or hate it” shows were a really common theme for 2013, as you might have noticed from our first two entries. Irresponsible Captain Tylor (Musekinin Kanchou Tylor) is no exception to that rule and -as with Getter Robo and Jojo, here we have a very interesting and funny case of a retro franchise that is worth every bit of attention. Continue reading