Megane boys & fun: An Interview with Saeko Doyle


No group of artists is more under-appreciated than fanartists. Whether we’re talking about music, fanfiction or designs, people seem to think that an artist working with material originally made by others is somehow lacking in comparison to the “competition”. I think otherwise. Cases like that of Saeko Doyle prove that artists who draw inspiration from already established characters can be just as creative and productive as those who create their own material. I asked Saeko to join us for an interview where talk about her work, the fandoms she loves and her future plans.

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2014: 10th day of Animanga

No_game_no_life_wallpaperAnime is primarily a business. This is a fact that those of us who care a lot about high quality artwork and innovative storyline often forget. The primary reason why we get such products is because people can make money that way -lots and lots of them. Therefore most of today’s titles are filled with over the top fanservice even in cases where it feels unnecessary to have it. I admire anime like “No Game No Life” that try to go beyond the panties and lolis featured in their story and provide the viewer with something more. Continue reading