Mushishi Under the Microscope- Is Mushishi fatalistic?


Justin from Organization Antisocial Geniuses was kind enough to invite me to write for his site an editorial and so I did. Go over to his site to read my latest piece of work where I break down the rants regarding Mushishi. No doubt I love the series, but do the complaints stand to reason?


Top 10 2014 moments- Side A


The project of 12 days as an idea started as a sampling of moments but many bloggers like us take the chance to generally talk about the series we loved during the year that passed. But this year we thought it might be a good idea to actually do that in a seperate post where we collect the 10 astounding and 10 horrible moments from titles we haven’t included elsewhere. As the list descends, the moments have made better or worse impressions respectively. So here we start with positivity. Continue reading

Mushishi Anthology is up!


Mushishi_cover_optIt may have taken awhile -ok, it was quite long- but the great news is that it’s finally here. You might have explored our site a bit, playing with the buttons, images and the menu, and you must have noticed that certain pages were ‘under construction’. One of them was the Fanfiction chapter, categorized under Index. It’ll include our top picks and they’ll be couple stories; a romantic note on our blog.

The first e-book is now in there ready for you to read/download. Mushishi has been a unique title therefore it’s no surprise it made it first ‘on the shelf’. Enjoy!

Edit: I’ve added a poll in the fanfiction section so that you let us know if there’s interest in other ebook formats.

Footnotes on Mushishi

Our culture values written speech a lot and this fact relates to the notion of ‘study’. Study as an extended linear analysis didn’t exist in oral people (tribes where written code isn’t used or isn’t common), since the latter didn’t have written documents and they depended on collective learning from mouth to mouth a lot. But what exactly is going on with oral culture? What is oral literacy? What’s the relationship of oral speech with the written word? And how is it all connected to Mushishi?  Continue reading

The Red String : 1. Ginko x Tanyu

I have a fondness for couples with subtle romance and those that are developed in side stories or when the romance is between side characters. This series of posts is going to include more or less minor canon couples that have won my heart and need more love. And so here I present you for the first post with:

Ginko and Tanyu from Mushishi

A man with one emerald eye and one filled with darkness. Snow lies on his head and smoke arises from his mouth. He wanders from one place to another through thick forests like the stream of Light flows freely in nature. One day he was called to a house of a scribe, a young woman with jet black hair and a cursed leg. And after that day, he would come visit ever so often and not just to scan through the huge archive in that house…  Continue reading

The smell of Koki that allured us- a Mushishi review

mystery, beautiful scenery and emotions: that’s what Mushishi is as a series- by fatsia on pixiv

Beings that are considered otherwordly, lowly, grotesque beings, far different than mundane animals or plants, as time passed, these deformed beings came to be known collectively, with fear and respect, as ‘Mushi’.

Mushishi is an amazing series we watched a few months ago and unexpectedly became one of our favorite shows of all time, in terms of script and art. Our reviews go as following…  Continue reading