Anime & Manga, Grammar, Syntax and Vocabulary 101

It’s advised to go to slideshare to download the pdf, so that you can use the table of contents properly (the links don’t work online for some reason).

I need to thank the people who helped me with their opinions on my work and our readers who have been patient with our slow updates.


Good, Great, Godlike – Rating anime & manga


Getting ready for the awards? -No, thanks!

You must have noticed -if you’ve taken a look at our review section- that we don’t use any kind of scale for rating. This can be explained by two things: firstly, we rarely write negative reviews, so almost anything you’ll find here is recommended; and secondly because I don’t trust numbers much.  Continue reading

Ts everywhere: twitter, tumblr and a lot of talking

So what else is going on this period? I’ve joined twitter and together with Neko we created two tumblrs, one focused on art, typography and graphic design, photos of books and quotes (thus naming it ‘the beautiful world – albums of two travellers) and one for naughty situations. We also have a facebook page some time already.  Continue reading