Taming the Tiger- a Barairo My Honey review


There are, generally speaking, two types of josei titles: the down to earth ones and the Arlekin-like ones. Barairo My Honey is definitely the second type; I mean, the main love interest is the tall black-haired stern-face specimen who just so happens to have been born in wealth. Of course, we also have a rival who’s the laid-back boy next door. However, Ohmi Tomu, known for her Midnight Secretary and Spell of Desire, was in the mood of gifting us with an utterly cute and fresh romance. Let me tell you why this three-volume captured my affections. Continue reading

Same-sex desire and unions in A Bride’s Story

Shirin & Anis

Otoyomegatari is an ongoing manga series by Kaoru Mori, the same artist who brought us Emma. It is published in English by Yen Press in a beautiful hardcover edition, translated as A Bride’s Story, and chronicles the life of Amira with her younger groom and her relationship with her tribe as well as the cultural observations of Dr. Smith, an English doctor, in the Central Turkic area in the late 19th century. Mori’s love for details is evident both in her luscious artwork and her well-researched historical tidbits thus winning in 2014 the 7th Annual Manga Taishō Award.

In the 7th volume (chapters 36-44), which is going to be published in English towards the end of 2015, we meet Anis, a beautiful slender woman, hidden away in a huge mansion by her rich beloved husband according to the customs of the region -probably Iran, judging from the clothes. To make her mistress feel less lonely, her servant suggests going to the bathhouse to befriend other women and this opens a whole new world for her. Shirin, a poor voluptuous woman, catches her eye and they connect quickly. What makes this arc special is that the focus is on a second type of marriage, equally established and esteemed; that between “sisters”: siqqah-yi khwahar khwandagi. Did you really think same-sex marriage was a 21st century invention? Let us take a look at same-sex desire, the customs and the sexual politics of Middle East depicted in A Bride’s Story. Continue reading

Love & Melodies

Love is a feeling we all wish to celebrate for reasons that mere words cannot describe. Love is like a set of wonderful melodies; it gives joy and meaning to one’s life but in order to understand it one must first learn three things: to feel, to express and to trust. Voiceful, a shoujo-ai written by nawoko, is a good example of the relationship between love and music.

The nature of love in Yuri and BL

Almost a year ago, 2DT, whom we all know and love, wrote a thought-provoking post over at Yi’s Listless Ink, titled Learning the Art of Love: Yuri versus BL. I gave my two cents in the comment section and got the thumps up. And since it’s not often you get credit from the most-respected figure in the anisphere, I think I should treasure these ideas here in our diaries, while I revisit them, elaborate on and add to the discussion.  Continue reading

The Beautiful Sinners: Angel Sanctuary and Diversity

The Beautiful Sinners: Angel Sanctuary and Diversity

To be called a sinner is one of the hardest accusations a person can face throughout his lifetime. Sinners, through all of mankind’s history, have been punished repeatedly for their desires and actions. Yet, through my personal experience in this world, it often seems to me that sin is a blessing, the road to happiness. In this article I try to prove this point by using Angel Sanctuary, mangaka Kaori Yuki’s testimony on the nature of sin, as reference material.

Continue reading

My-HIME: On Love

If My-HIME has done something right apart from the gorgeous music and beautiful character designs, is how it presents the theme of love and a refreshing view to what is ‘true love’. Akane’s and Kazu’s romance, Shizuru’s and Natsuki’s love, and Tokiha Mai’s relationship with her brother, Mikoto and Yuuichi are what I’ll keep in my heart after years have passed. Continue reading