Everything has its own fee: An Interview with Team Galanx


As regular readers of our blog might have noticed, the majority of the guests in our “Interviews” column have been individuals. In a world where technology offers a wide array of options to artists it’s to be expected that a great many of them would prefer to work alone, completely in control of their product, instead of finding others with similar interests. Team Galanx, the people responsible behind the release of the Konstandin demo, are a great example of what is achievable with team work. It’s not an everyday occurence to come across an indie title that looks like a triple A production, especially in the RPG Horror genre. The game’s quality has grabbed the attention of the gamer community and we just couldn’t miss the opportunity to find out more details about this amazing title. Continue reading


Pixelated Dreams & Nightmares: An Interview with Dreaming Games


One of the opinions I reached during the last half of 2014 is that RPG Maker/Indie Horror RPGs are perhaps the most interesting aspect of the modern video game industry. Perhaps it’s that I am a rookie on the genre, but most titles I have come across so far are very interesting and, despite the low budget and the small number of developers, original. Dreaming Games, a team of three people Accha (artists & producer), Trass (main composer) and Usachii (main vocalist) is among those who seem to have a promising future. They have already released titles such as Painted Heart and -the excellent, if I may say so- Dreaming Mary. Both games have gained the attention of the fandom and I really wanted to have them participate in an interview with us. Despite our many delays, they were thankfully happy to participate and tell us all about their games and their team. Continue reading