Glorious Love – Part 5


What is the setting of most yuri-themed manga? Yeah, you guessed it: (junior) high school. Not all of them manage to make for an interesting and emotive story though. Here I present you some that caught my eye. Continue reading


GLorious Love – Part 1

Spring has arrived, love flourishes like flowers and my yuri/yaoi manga recommendation project begins along with it 🙂 The posts will contain each time 3 manga with different levels of mature content (from 0-3), so that almost everyone can find something of his/her interest to try out. Rape themes aren’t my cup of tea, but if there is one handled seriously, it’ll be stated with a warning, along with other major info (author, number of volumes etc.). These post will be as spoiler-free as possible and SFW (if some panels are NSFW they’ll be set in a link instead of displayed here openly).

Ladies go first, so here we go…  Continue reading