Broken Gem: A review of Bokura no Hentai


From the good to the mediocre and memorably bad, most titles contain at least some minor flaws. Yes, that’s true even for your favorites. It’s very rare for these weaknesses to ruin an overall satisfying story. Rare but not impossible, as Bokura no Hentai (BnH) by Fumiko Fumi, one of the few manga that tries to deal with queer/transgender issues on a realistic, level-headed basis, unfortunately reminds us.

*The following review will contain some very important spoilers. For those of you who have come across our blog for the first time, I should mention that I am a transgender woman and social justice and identity will be a major part of my critique. Continue reading


Drei Blütezeiten review at Yuri Reviews

4seasonsLena offered me her hospitality and so I got the chance to review for her site Drei Blütezeiten/ Sakikusa No Saku Koro by the emerging diamond that is Fumiko Fumi, the lady behind Bokura no Hentai!