A small comment on Ojii-san no Lamp

Ojii-san no Lamp is a 23 minute long short film that was produced in 2010 for the Young Animator Training Project, an effort for revitalizing the anime industry. Out of the four short films that were produced that year, this one was unanimously the best. Not only did it amaze with its graphics, but also with its plot and storytelling.

A boy finds a strange object while playing hide-and-seek. His grandfather tells him the story of his own youth, and the important role the old lamp played. This story is about the modernization of Japan and the changes that came with it. ~ My Anime List

If you haven’t watched it, just go already. The summary should be intriguing enough. If it hasn’t convinced you, you can check other reviews and analysis. I’m here to contribute something else, even if it’s just a small comment, that hasn’t been mentioned up till now: the probable reference and meaning of the opening scene.  Continue reading


The smell of Koki that allured us- a Mushishi review

mystery, beautiful scenery and emotions: that’s what Mushishi is as a series- by fatsia on pixiv

Beings that are considered otherwordly, lowly, grotesque beings, far different than mundane animals or plants, as time passed, these deformed beings came to be known collectively, with fear and respect, as ‘Mushi’.

Mushishi is an amazing series we watched a few months ago and unexpectedly became one of our favorite shows of all time, in terms of script and art. Our reviews go as following…  Continue reading