Always moving forward – a Shutter Love review


Have I told you how much I love Okazaki Mari? Perhaps this must be improved. I’ve reviewed her shoujo-ai story in Shibuya District: After School and praised how lovely both the story and the art was. But this was just a grain of sand and not many English manga readers know her, especially since there are only two titles of hers available in English -the one half abandoned- and out of print. Let’s change that one step at a time. Shutter Love is a great first step.

Take a look at the cover illustration; isn’t it challenging you to pick the manga up? The protagonist’s gaze throws flames and kind of mocks us who dare look down on her (pun very intended). Aren’t you intrigued? Continue reading


The precious textiles Paradise Kiss is made of

parakissv5p0086 Paradise Kiss is somehow sadly overlooked in favor of its lengthier, more famous sibling, NANA, when someone talks about good josei manga. The omnibus edition which Vertical published between 2012 and 2013 boosted a little bit its visibility. It’s a remarkable series made of first quality materials. Care to take a look?  Continue reading

Otona Joshi no Anime Time & the state of women in Japan


I am a 24 years old woman and, as the years pass by, I find more and more myself wanting grown-up protagonists with whom I can relate easier. Josei, a demographic targeted at women is relatively small, especially when we talk about anime. So it’s always more than welcome when a series appears in my radar.

With this title I was a bit hesitant, since I watched its very first episode, Kawame o Suberu Kaze, 2 years ago, but the anti-urban sentiment in it annoyed me. Now it was clearly stated though that these new stories would be based on awarded novels written by women, and the artwork was very appealing, too. Thus, I had to give it at least a chance. Three episodes all in all. Unfortunately, I got spades of housewifery stuff instead of work related troubles and successes.  Continue reading

Male Otaku vs Fujoshi: The Patriarchy Rises (again?)


You want to enjoy yourself? But you are an idiotic woman! You shouldn’t have rights in the first place! You greedy woman, you want to steal us from everything?

Recently there have been some quite unpleasant incidents that show blatantly that misogynism is on the rise again- or was it always there and I was lucky not to notice it before? What makes me wanna talk and rant about this mess is its scale. That’s the one thing I’ll touch upon on this post. The other is to present some market-related facts, insert my own remarks and ask questions about it.  Continue reading

Left Unsaid: 3. R Word


If you concern yourself with human rights, you surely know that the ‘R Word’ means of course ‘rape’. You might as well have stumbled upon it on a newspaper or on the net. This word structure by being similar to the ‘F word’ and ‘L word’ denotes something very specific: that there’s a taboo around it when it comes down to talking seriously about the topic and that at the same time some people have used the word so much that it has become trivialized.

V-Day stands not only for Valentine’s Day, but also for Victory and Vagina. 15 years ago Eve Ensler decided to organize a global activist movement to end violence against women. Though the protests are usually in the positive form of dance or theater, I decided that my way of participating and breaking the silence will be this post.

Disclaimer: I am not a rape survivor, thus I can’t claim I really know how it feels, but I’ll try my best to present this sensitive topic with the limited knowledge, experience and empathy that I’ve got. Please, feel free to point out if and where I err.

Trigger warning: images of rape in anime and manga.  Continue reading

Memories of pretty fighters of justice

Summertime and the living is easy~~~

The girls of Sailor Moon are the ones featured on our second template. I can now clearly see the girl power they represent and the fact that they are tied together not so much by obligation rather by true friendship; a friendship persistent in time, a friendship which overcomes obstacles.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon was the anime that got me hooked, introduced me to the anime world, charmed me and gave me plenty of illusions and ideals as a 6 year-old girl, but opened my mind as a teenager…  Continue reading