Fictional Worlds; how to go there and not get lost


bv Шелдон


Obsession is usually depicted as something negative or costly in the mainstream media. The negativity becomes greater when one has to deal with people’s love for fiction. Annie Wilkes almost killed writer Paul Sheldon in Stephen King’s classic Misery, due to her uncontrolled love of the latter’s fictional stories. Don Quixote made up his own worlds and loved them so dearly that he ended up a symbol of all paranoia.

In the following article, I will not try to go to the opposite extreme and say that being a modern Don Quixote should be an acceptable lifestyle choice, but I wish to prove this simple claim; as there are harmful ways to be obsessed with universes that “do not exist”, there are positive paths too -and I have lived both. Continue reading


Male Otaku vs Fujoshi: The Patriarchy Rises (again?)


You want to enjoy yourself? But you are an idiotic woman! You shouldn’t have rights in the first place! You greedy woman, you want to steal us from everything?

Recently there have been some quite unpleasant incidents that show blatantly that misogynism is on the rise again- or was it always there and I was lucky not to notice it before? What makes me wanna talk and rant about this mess is its scale. That’s the one thing I’ll touch upon on this post. The other is to present some market-related facts, insert my own remarks and ask questions about it.  Continue reading