2013: 7th day of Animanga

40249104 by 杉原マチコ


Once upon a time, there existed many realms, and the line between man and god was ill-defined. This is a certain family’s story of love and rebirth.

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A hot pot for Uchouten Kazoku

38916414 by ヒコ

I will admit that Uchouten Kazoku is enticing visually; I have had an issue with PA Works’ previous endeavors which not only shared almost copied aesthetics, but also felt plastic to a point. Uchouten was a fresh breeze with stunning landscapes and, as illegenes pinpoints, the directing subtly matches seasons with situations and feelings.

I will also admit that it’s very rare to see a series dealing with family as its main theme. Family usually makes a brief appearance in certain settings in order to set obstacles and very rarely to be a positive supportive power. When it’s a central theme, things are most often than not idealized and sugarcoated.Uchouten avoids siding completely with these two extremes. Ajthefourth, for example, analyzes Yaichirou’s character development in relation to his brothers and parents and I can’t disagree with her about how suberb he was handled in the show.

But I still have many issues with the characters and the ideas the series tossed at us. PA Works has a remarkable record of annoying me one way or the other with what it produces the last few years -and I perhaps foolishly continue hoping they’ll change their bad habits. Since the series managed to make me feel frustrated enough, please bear with me being once in a while negative, especially since it was hailed so much. Continue reading