Eros/Psyche Review at Okazu

I reviewed Eros/Psyche by Maria Llovet for Okazu, the biggest and oldest blog for everything yuri and lgbtq! My thanks to Erica Friedman for welcoming me to the Yuri Network family.


A paradise of aphrodisiacs -a Filthy Figment review

ff Filthy Figments is a project that Gina Biggs initiated and many female artists helped realize: a site dedicated to erotic content (comics and pinups) by ladies, primarily for ladies.

Peeking into its world one can feel comfortable and cozy to enjoy oneself naughtily and to explore erotic fantasies. There’s much passion and joy into this project that is evident in the art, in the neat way everything is organized, in the forums open to discussions and suggestions and in the pin-up section where you can see that, in certain occasions, the artists drew each other’s characters. I, at least, got the impression of talented women getting together and being friendly with each other and towards the reader.

It is an effort worth supporting, so please go and take a look at their web page. Unfortunately, due to wordpress restrictions, I can’t put a link in this article, but with a simple googling you’ll find it easily! Before that, though, I want to highlight some of its content, so you can have a “look from the inside.”

[possible NSFW images; proceed at your own risk]
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Lipstick, ties, blank cards and sexy times – a Queerotica review


Queerotica is -obviously- a comics anthology that could be read very much like essays on what is queer and what is erotica. That was the concept behind this gathering of lgbtq artists; to express this intersection each in their own way. There were written answers to this question posed by the creative team of the project, too, but they were ommitted to let the comics speak by themselves, as the introduction informs us.

Now, the book does contain sexual activity: one would expect it from the title. The gorgeous pink and purple cover with all these hands linked suggest queerness, intimacy and perhaps naughtiness. Yet I have to underline that someone shouldn’t expect the same thing as what one gets from Smut Peddler. Nevertheless, Queerotica doesn’t lack beautiful artwork and romantic playful stories with a modest representation of different body traits . It’s just more than that and in that aspect it’s certainly interesting.  Continue reading

A Naughty Journey- a Smut Peddler review

smut peddler8th March: Women’s Day. This comic wouldn’t have been created and wouldn’t be easily available today, if it weren’t for the women who fought before us for our rights as human beings – the right to our body and our pleasure without being considered crazy, among others. I take this chance to introduce you to one of my favorite books, full of “impeccable pornoglyphics for cultivated ladies (and men of exceptional taste!)”.

Smut Peddler is  undoubtedly an exceptional anthology, filled with sensual short stories with a great variety: you can find both romantic and kinky sex; women and men of different orientations, gender identities, races and sizes; solo playing, couples and up to two; occasionally sprinkled with a bit of fantasy or sci-fi, all splendidly drawn in miscellaneous art styles. Some stories have a more comedic tone, some others a more serious one, but all of them are profusely delicious. Naturally this post contains NSFW material.  Continue reading