A mysterious very young thief- a Man of Many Faces review

Akira, Utako and Akira's mothers

Akira, Utako and Akira’s mothers

   By day nine year old Akira Ijuyin is a normal student at Clamp School, but at night he becomes the mysterious thief 20 Masks. His thefts are usually subject to the whims of his two stepmothers, which Akira pulls off without any true objections or interactions. One night Akira ducks into the room of five year old Utako Ōkawa in an attempt to hide from the police.
Although the pair shares a four year age difference, they find themselves quickly falling for each other even as Akira finds himself being increasingly more involved with thefts, some of which include Utako’s family. This as well as several other obstacles give the young couple’s budding relationship a fair amount of difficulty.

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"Six stars will fall to this plane. The dark stars that will defy the heavens…"- a RG Veda review

From left to right: Ashura, Yasha-ou, Souma-ou, Ryou-ou, Kendappa-ou, Karura-ou

From left to right: Ashura, Yasha-ou, Souma-ou, Ryou-ou, Kendappa-ou, Karura-ou

    A 10-volume manga series by CLAMP, notable for being their debut work, and named after the ancient Hindu hymn collection the Rigveda. The series borrows elements of Hindu and Buddhist mythology for its setting and characters.
300 years ago, the general Taishakuten rebelled against the Heavenly Emperor, killing both him and the guardian god Ashura-ou and installing himself as the king. The Ashura clan was thought to be destroyed until the god Yasha-ou found the remaining child sealed in a forest and began to gather the Six Stars, a group of individuals said to be the prophecied bringers of a celestial revolution.

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Down the hole in Clampworld!


“A land that doesn’t need a map” claim CLAMP the world of their works to be, but only in terms of enjoyment; because otherwise their claim is a belief of theirs… Especially after TRC and xxxholic, more readers have question marks floating over their heads about the past of the cameos and how things function in CLAMPverse. And let’s not forget how tags like shoujo and shounen don’t apply to CLAMP due to their diverse writing and styles. For a beginner a guide is useful. Continue reading

Pool of memories: TRC things to remember and fawn over

crossing time and space is ‘remembering love

Neko has already covered me up and said what it needs to be said about the TRC manga. So this post has to do with things I liked in the series and lots of fan stuff! Like amvs, fanfictions, fanarts, sites and quotes.

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle was created as a work that brings together all the previous CLAMP works in the form of dimensions (that have to be crossed in order for the precious memories of Sakura to be recollected). There old characters are featured as cameos and live different lives. For every CLAMP fan there’s no greater joy to meet again favourite pairings or heroes and heroines, much more when they are given happiness and better luck in comparison to the original.

Surely, getting to see all these new worlds with different customs and fashion sense is beautiful on its own accord, as a friend and fan has pointed out, but even more beautiful is coming across old loves:

  • Sorata and Arashi: starring in Hanshin Republic. Sorata is a history teacher and runs a hotel together with his WIFE, Arashi. Sorata is bubbly as always and adores the more stoic Arashi. It appears that Arashi gave up her miko powers to Yuuko in order to live this happy life in Hanshin Republic. It’s a great relief to see those two together again without any doom hanging over their heads. I was squealing when Sorashi appeared in the first country they were thrown into. Well, they deserved it. Oh, I want to see babiez, too, Sorata 🙂
  • Yasha-ou and Ashura: They are given an epic story again, they are gods again, but with a tragic twist. Shura and Shara country are the stage to their love story. I know Ashura is genderless and most probably if (s)he had gender (s)he’d be a male, yet I love considering this person as a ‘she’. I seriously want to cosplay ‘her’. The clothes, the musical instrument, the dance, the whole story of this are jaw-dropping.
[youtube http://youtu.be/_mVaNQ9Y3P0]

Yeah… this couple was the reason behind me checking a few episodes of the anime. I went and watched only those 2-3 episodes about them. If the anime is good at something that’s atmosphere and battles (makes sense: you neither have music in the manga nor motion).

And I have the impression that CLAMP has a thing for Ashura and those two, otherwise they wouldn’t give us so many marvelous splash pages about them.

  • Kusanagi and Yuzuriha: Well, they already had gotten their happy ending in the X anime, yet they are always such a sweet candy for the heart. They may have a big age difference, which I am normally not fond of in real life relationships, but they are fiction after all and as a team they rock! They team up in Outo country, but we get glimpse of them in other countries like many other characters.
  • Fujitaka and Nadeshiko : To tell the truth Nadeshiko isn’t the type of female I like, quiting school for a man, although she did work as a model. And yet she is such a gentle presense, along with Fujitaka they must be some of the best parents in the manga world. Not to mention they look so good together. I was a bit disappointed in the beginning, where only Fujitaka got mentioned, but in the last chapters they make appearance together.I can’t help falling in love with the a bit more determined, and yet always serene and loving look Nadeshiko is drawn with.
  • Syaoran and Sakura : Of course, the main couple brings back memories from CCS, that by the way I must find the time to watch till the end (the idiots here aired only the first season; due to the homoerotic innuedos perhaps? ). Sakura and Syaoran as adults in the last chapters are such compelling figures. They emanate power and strength and wisdom. As small kids are very lovely and cute. As teenagers…hm…Syaoran is cool, quite stubborn and selfish, but I came to like Sakura only after the Acid Tokyo arc where we at last see her more active- and with a gun! Hot!
I don’t own any picture nor have I done the colorisation.
  • Oruha: She’s alive and singing like a bird again! Gorgeous as ever, still holding secrets but not impending-death secrets fortunately! And what’s more fuzzy for my heart is that she sings in a bar called Clover, drinking Four-Leaf Clover long drink served by Caldina! This whole setting is very dreamy *kyaaah~~~*

    [youtube http://youtu.be/DHpZLxFf7SA]

Well, we get a new song, equally stunning, in the anime, but I’d really like to listen to the original, too.
  • Karen Kasumi: This lady is hot! Wherever she is, temperature surely starts soaring, either from her sexy outfits or her fire magic. If only this aura of loneliness and sadness wasn’t floating around her, especially in the Shura country.
  • Tomoyo Daidouji: Obsessive with Sakura as always and such a mischievious young lady, be it in Nippon or Piffle. She grew up beautifully. Kind and wise, enthusiastic and a big teaser. This Kurogane must have suffered a lot under her commands 😛

Old friends are good but new are even better. Fai and Kurogane were created especially for this manga and they gave us a lot of funny as well as tense, sad and tragic moments. Both had a hurtful past, but in the end of the story both have gone beyond it, looking into a happy and adventurous future. Readers were of course delighted in a sadistic way, I might dare say, with everything going around: Fai losing an eye, becoming a vampire, feeding from Kurogane, the latter losing an arm to save the former and all the catch phrases, hints and teases… yup, shounen-ai official couple- hey they even shared a room towards the end!

CLAMP carried out Kurogane’s and Fai’s pasts in an excellent manner, artistically I mean. They have given both characters many facial expressions throughout the series, but never the ones that kept for those moments of revelation. CLAMP being CLAMP managed to show perfectly a human being becoming animal, when he’s stripped of the most basics.

[youtube http://youtu.be/i3KyAXAWllU]


For fanarts that can get more spicy and thus more ‘specialised’ for a certain audience (not everyone likes yaoi), I have collected my favourites here.

 We ship KuroFai all you need to know about the pairing, images, proof that’s a canon. You will find a nice collection of yummy fanfiction.

I can recommend those that I’ve read only, thus you can try anything from GreenCrystalRose (especially Ambidextrous and Where the Heart Is are marvelous!) and Curriculum Vitae won’t leave you unsatisfied! It’s quite amusing, too 🙂

Before closing this post I shall present you with a small number of quotes- wise words by CLAMP in this link. You can put the slide mode on, if you prefer so, and read. Have fun!

[youtube http://youtu.be/2mHDwlPqapk]

[youtube http://youtu.be/5TE5aRdk-o0] [youtube http://youtu.be/LVMoh8Vuj7s]

Sites that someone can search for more information and stuff:
Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Wiki
Clow Legacy
Crossed Destinies where you can find an awesome list of the crossover characters (in Spanish unfortunately)
(once upon a time there was a wonderful site called ‘wings journey’ that doesn’t exist anymore 😦 but it mentioned flower symbolisms and tsubasa paying homage to kingdom hearts as well as tsubasa chapter covers foretelling events or commenting on relationships -*sigh* all things come to an end)


The journey for the Lost Feathers: a TRC manga review

A princess, an archeologist, a mage and a ninja, and a white fluffy bun -and the journey begins…

CLAMP are a group of female mangaka that have published some of the most popular manga of the past two decades, with works such as xxxHolic, Card Captor Sakura and Tokyo Babylon. They are extremely loved by fans all over the world. That kind of hype though is what always kept me away from their stories. A few years ago I bought and read The One I Love but I never went any further. That was all until about a week ago, when a friend tagged me in a Facebook picture to a CLAMP character (namely Syaoran) from their manga series Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. That was the initial reason I decided to sit down and read the story. In the beginning I told myself today that I would read four chapters, just to have a speedy start and be able to finish the whole thing in a month or two. Three days after I started, I had gone through all the chapters of the 28 volumes and I was officially owned.  Continue reading

Kobato’s touching moments- an overview


Kobato was a nice anime with some very sweet and sad moments, that invoked contemplation on some life issues that almost anyone faces. Yet it wasn’t perfect. Some moments were strong some other more weak. It was spirit-uplifting though and very warm, so I watched it till the end.

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