Blog Carnival: The impact they had on us


Some weeks ago our friends on facebook started making top10 influential lists; it started with metal band albums and spread to video games to manga and anime. So we thought why not? Diary of an Anime Lived focused on anime that echo our real lives; ‘The impact they had on us’ seeks to pinpoint the anime or even manga titles that aren’t just a mirror of us or even our favorites but to highlight these stories that changed the way we viewed the world.

List and talk about 5-10 anime/manga that have influenced your way of thinking and your actions. I’ll link to your piece as soon as you upload it.

Foxy Lady Ayame & Neko-chi of The Beautiful World
Josei from Josei Next Door
Frog-kun from Fantastic Memes
Michael Huang of Anime Diet
Marina of Anime B&B
Japesland and Charles of Beneath the Tangles (54:00- 01:02:20)
Kai of Deluscar
Justin from Lost My Thesis
Kitsune from Kitsune’s Thoughts
Tomy Phillips of Anime Bowls


Ts everywhere: twitter, tumblr and a lot of talking

So what else is going on this period? I’ve joined twitter and together with Neko we created two tumblrs, one focused on art, typography and graphic design, photos of books and quotes (thus naming it ‘the beautiful world – albums of two travellers) and one for naughty situations. We also have a facebook page some time already.  Continue reading