More notes about us and others


Between being busy with real life and working on fan stuff we were nominated by our friend Overlord -who by the way has build a yuri review paradise at his place; go check him gushing enthusiastically over girls’ love and you might be interested in reading the interview he got from us. So here is our belated entry. Continue reading


Receiving and sharing flowers: awards’ time


We receive appreciation from the most unexpected places, making us smile and feel like we really do a great job here. Since comments here are always so few – are you followers that shy? we don’t bite; we swear- we think that our love and hard work go unnoticed. Thus we felt really flattered when we saw that Erin from Gagging on Sexism awarded us the ‘Sunshine Award’, which is passed from one blogger to another as a sign that the receiver has an inspirational blog.  Continue reading

Our Genshiken Diaries: The Greek Community Part 3

Our Genshiken Diairies: The Greek Community Part 3
Now it is time for the third part of our project “Our Genshiken Diaries: The Greek Community.” On part three of our series, we invited some good friends to write about their own experience as members of the j-community.
First comes Marilena, whose blog you can visit here, who speaks about how j-culture and those who care about it influenced her life. Afterwards, Gina, also known as Yu~Kun, a veteran otaku herself, gives us a more detailed version of our story. Continue reading

Our Genshiken Diaries: The Greek Community Part 1


Our Genshiken Diairies: The Greek Community Part 1

We may not be advertising it a much, but The Beautiful World is a Greek based blog. As a team, both Foxie Lady and Neko-kun are not crazy about their country but they cannot help it and live in its reality. It is a part of this reality, our experience and opinion of the local j-community that we wish to share with our readers.

The main reasons that led to the creation of this article are as follow:
– The need to share a positive side of Greece, rather than the -quite reasonable- negativity that goes around these days.
– The wish to keep a sort memo of what happened the past six years, so that we can evaluate the present and future of the community.
– The interest to see what some of our closest friends have experienced as Greek “Otaku.”

The article is separated in two parts: the first one will present my memories of the past and some interesting information on the Greek Otaku community. The second one is going to be an estimation of the present and the future, written by myself and others whose opinion I treasure.

Some events and periods will be briefly mentioned, to save space and time. The article focuses mostly on the experience I had as an “Otaku” living in Athens.  Continue reading

Blog Carnival: Our Genshiken Diairies

Blog Carnival: Our Genshiken Diairies

Let’s get to see the bigger picture. There are quite a few blog carnival series that center in the personal journey of each blogger. But what about us and the anime community closest to us? We’d like to know more about how everyone experiences anime culture in his/her local/national community.

What kind of activities are there for anime/manga fans?
Any rants? The highlights?
What are the distinctive characteristics of each community?
How does the anime scene look like internationally?

Share your experience. You may as well invite guests, hold some interviews, research a bit, if you are in the mood. It’s about the ‘we’, after all.
Contact Foxy Lady at her twitter account to link your post here, where you’ll be able to find the other contributions as well. If this goes well, we’re considering to make this a book by next year. So let’s have some fun!


Update: For those who want to write but the single anime community they are members of is the online one, they can participate later. We want to ask their understanding and patience. We don’t wish to exclude their experience, but because everyone is online active, we’d like to prioritize the IRL groups that form around anime. Thus, let us wait about a month’s time to see how the main theme of this anime carnival goes.

Thank you very much!  Continue reading