Kaori Yuki: 5. Beautifully Imperfect


The following article has been written by Phoenix, a dear friend of us who and also our main editor for our first book, “Just a Little taste of Journey“.

“We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That’s what connects us–that we’re all broken, all beautifully imperfect.” 

Emilio Estevez

As a writer, one has to deliver different stories, different characters and different sins. As an artist, the writer has to make the stories extraordinary, the characters believable and the sins mortal or venial.

What is a writer, though, that creates different stories, with sinful characters that the audience turns out to like and relate with?




I have read many of Kaori Yuki’s manga. I believe that she has that distinct and rather adept ability to create some of the most imperfect but real – actually real- characters out there. Continue reading


Kaori Yuki: 3. The Roar of an Angel’s Soul


The following article has been written (after many threats and blackmails) by Raistlin , a wizard who loves books and good stories. Regarding Angel Sanctuary, Raistlin believes in the supremacy of Michael. If you haven’t read the manga yet, dive right into it. Beautiful pictures await you in every page.  Continue reading

Kaori Yuki: 2. A Stage of Many Souls


An anime/manga’s characters make up a great deal of the title’s worth. There are titles like Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure where the concept of bravery and manhood are the centre of attraction; other titles, like Revolutionary Girl Utena focus on drama; still other manga like Mai Otome, give every protagonist a certain cliche he/she represents. Kaori Yuki, a talented mangaka who has written stories like Angel Sanctuary and Ludwig Kakumei, follows none of the above aprroaches, yet she delivers an exceptional set of protagonists in her story. Continue reading

Kaori Yuki: 1. An orchestra of angels, poisons and fairies


The following article has been written by Katan, a dear friend of us who is probably the greatest Kaori Yuki fan we know of. She also helped us edit our first book, “Just a Little taste of Journey“. Here is her lovely tumblr and her blog. This is the link to the original article.


I’d like to believe everybody has sources of inspiration. Not necessarily leading to creativity; just those little triggers of thoughts and emotions to go with your morning coffee, a boring ride in the bus and your gradual fall into sleep. Some have few, others have many, some search hard to track them down and others just bump into them. Some lucky ones realize at first touch that what they have found had magically been calling them.

Needless to say what my missing piece of the puzzle was. Because when I first read Angel Sanctuary, it felt like the first time I truly knew art.

It begins with the… Continue reading

The Beautiful Sinners: Angel Sanctuary and Diversity

The Beautiful Sinners: Angel Sanctuary and Diversity

To be called a sinner is one of the hardest accusations a person can face throughout his lifetime. Sinners, through all of mankind’s history, have been punished repeatedly for their desires and actions. Yet, through my personal experience in this world, it often seems to me that sin is a blessing, the road to happiness. In this article I try to prove this point by using Angel Sanctuary, mangaka Kaori Yuki’s testimony on the nature of sin, as reference material.

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