Reviews : art we consume and mostly makes us smile. Hardly ever a rant. We don’t have a rating system and we don’t follow the same structure every time. It’s highly probable that you’ll encounter spoilers, so procede at your own risk.

>> The GLorious Love and BLazed Passion columns include titles that don’t contain rape (unless otherwise stated) and are lgbtq oriented. A 0 to 3 scale is used to define both how graphic the sex scenes are and how much emotional influence the story might have on the reader.

3 has depictions of sexual organs and is totally ‘hot’,
2 includes sex scenes but doesn’t show much, and you feel very warm inside,
1 is about just cute kisses, holding hands or embraces,
and 0 denotes a quite matter-of-fact narration with almost no emotional excitement as there’s not much romantic/sexual contact.

Take your pen and write your story, co-traveler~

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