Here you can find past templates designed mainly by Foxy Lady Ayame. The first 7 decorated our old site over at blogspot and apart from the 7th, the rest were designed in artisteer. The themes are selected from our favorite anime and manga, and in one way or another reflect us, our mood and ideas.

Credits for featured post images

This blog would not have its current form, had there not been some great artists whom we truly adore.

The illustration in our banner for the series “Left Unsaid” was designed by Juri the Dreamer, a great illustrator who specializes in darker themes using lots of detail. The original illustration can be found here.
Ratana Satis has designed the truly graceful yuri couple depicted in the banner for Glorious Love. Our excitement when we first saw her work was indescribable.
Daisy is the illustrator behind “BLazed Passion”. Her design is as elegant as hot and we could not resist the urge to use it.
Clampworld’s illustration is an original design by Clamp. Here you can find the whole thing.
Last, but not least, the wonderful work for the “Blog Carnival” banner is a piece of fanart for Hetalia Axis Power. Unfortunately, we can no longer find who is the artist responsible so that we give him/her proper credit –if you can, please, help us.

Take your pen and write your story, co-traveler~

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