I like me some lemons – review of Pop Chaser and Star Trap

cream lemon

Hentai aren’t usually praised for their script (though they are way more imaginative than 3D pr0n); cleverness and sensuality aren’t frequent ingredients. Since the main audience is perceived to be males who just want to release their sexual frustration, you can’t expect anything but the male gaze and fantasies. This means non-con situations, crude shots focused on body parts and not on the whole, no emotional interaction apart from fake moans and dirty talk, and lots of liquids. Everywhere.

And here comes this post to pinpoint you to two rare gems which are lady-friendly and exceptionally well-done in all aspects. Let’s get deliciously naughty with Pop Chaser and Star Trap from the Cream Lemon series! Continue reading


Always moving forward – a Shutter Love review


Have I told you how much I love Okazaki Mari? Perhaps this must be improved. I’ve reviewed her shoujo-ai story in Shibuya District: After School and praised how lovely both the story and the art was. But this was just a grain of sand and not many English manga readers know her, especially since there are only two titles of hers available in English -the one half abandoned- and out of print. Let’s change that one step at a time. Shutter Love is a great first step.

Take a look at the cover illustration; isn’t it challenging you to pick the manga up? The protagonist’s gaze throws flames and kind of mocks us who dare look down on her (pun very intended). Aren’t you intrigued? Continue reading

A Naughty Journey- a Smut Peddler review

smut peddler8th March: Women’s Day. This comic wouldn’t have been created and wouldn’t be easily available today, if it weren’t for the women who fought before us for our rights as human beings – the right to our body and our pleasure without being considered crazy, among others. I take this chance to introduce you to one of my favorite books, full of “impeccable pornoglyphics for cultivated ladies (and men of exceptional taste!)”.

Smut Peddler is  undoubtedly an exceptional anthology, filled with sensual short stories with a great variety: you can find both romantic and kinky sex; women and men of different orientations, gender identities, races and sizes; solo playing, couples and up to two; occasionally sprinkled with a bit of fantasy or sci-fi, all splendidly drawn in miscellaneous art styles. Some stories have a more comedic tone, some others a more serious one, but all of them are profusely delicious. Naturally this post contains NSFW material.  Continue reading

6 episodic anime series you must try out!

Left to right: Master Keaton (1998-9), Human Crossing (2003), Hataraki Man (2004), Gallery Fake (2005), Bartender (2006), Ristorante Paradiso (2009)

Left to right: Master Keaton (1998-9), Human Crossing (2003), Hataraki Man (2004), Gallery Fake (2005), Bartender (2006), Ristorante Paradiso (2009)

You come back from work tired and you want to relax. Perhaps an anime series that takes it slowly, has a nice soundtrack, interesting main character but which you can ‘drop’ and pick up again whenever you want. ARIA and the latest moe slice-of-life anime boom (K-On, Natsuiro Kiseki, Tamayura, Hidamari Sketch) has popularized episodic series and catter to these specific needs. Along with the more obscure Mushishi and Kino’s Journeys (which are masterpieces and if you haven’t watched them yet, go do it right now), these 6 series above are a fine way of enjoying yourself in small bits! Especially if you search for adults in your anime.  Continue reading

Merchant meats Spicy Wolf: a story of two traveling companions and economic adventures

Spices: precious cooking material that enhances their flavor into the food we eat. Only a few centuries ago they were a very good reason to go to war or to travel to the end of the world, as Christopher Columbus would tell you.

Wolf: One of the most mysterious creatures in mythology of all peoples. Independent, yet societal, lonely but caring, a killer yet not a beast. When a werewolf –half man, half animal-, it is depicted mostly as an aggressive, blood-thirsty murderer or a split personality to fight off his savage part.


In economics, when two powerful elements combine and create successive booms, it is only a matter of time before we find ourselves in a huge bust. In the case of Spice & Wolf however, we seem to have discovered a system of excessive growth, stability and productivity without any hard depressions- only a few recessions. Are you ready to read about one of these bloggers’ favorite anime?