BLazed Passion – Part 4


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BLazed Passion – Part 3

B-prince Although I have a penchant for serious grown-up affairs that doesn’t mean I don’t get thirsty for lots of fluffy romance. And where do you find more honest and cute depiction of budding fluffy rabu than in high school romances? I picked my top 3 BL titles with this focus for the Manga Moveable Feast of this month. They make also great gateway pieces for any newbies.  Continue reading

BLazed Passion – Part 2

BLazed Passion - Part 2

Two dads can be equally awesome as other families – but doubly sexy 😉 Yaoi sure understand that women have a thing for caring men and took advantage of the fact. And like always, there are very few of the bunch that stand out and show plausible situations and relationships. Let’s take a look at the delicious titles I’ve gathered here.

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