Top 10 pre-2000 OPs & EDs


This is a topic loved by many anibloggers, so I’ll take the opportunity to take a look at it, too. My selection is based on the combination of both memorable songs and appealing/ unusual visuals and is divide by decades with the exception of this first installment which covers material until 2000. Note that I’ll always list the titles chronologically as I find it both hard and dumb to choose between favorite children.

This is also a great exercise to get more aware about my tastes but also to pay attention to how animation evolved.  Continue reading


My Waifus and Husbandos

artemis by dumonchelle asher

Lovely Dee from the josei next door tagged me on her tumblr blog to confess my anime and manga crushes, so here I am with… 2 lists please -one with my female harem and one for the male one. *drum roll*

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