2014: 12th day of Animanga

hunterxhunterlWhat is a story? A journey into an imaginary universe, a mirror that minimizes on certain reflections of our world, thoughts and ideas we cannot otherwise confess and much more. What is more important, however, is what most stories wish but fail to become; an experience that remains unforgettable, one that breathes life into its audience’s heart. HunterxHunter (HxH) is one of the iconic examples of how to make that goal a reality.

*In this article we’re going to talk about the 2011-2014 adaptation that has covered most of the manga, ignoring the latter and the 1999-2004 anime. This isn’t meant as a disrespect to the other installations of the story but rather as a tribute to our favorite version of HxH. Continue reading

2014: 11th day of animanga


We’ve said this was a great year for comedies for us and we can’t leave out Oregairu (My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected) . It was aired just the previous year and with a second season coming out this year, I thought it’d be a good idea to talk about it now than later when we might have regrets with unwanted routes/develoments (see romance, shipping).  Continue reading

2014: 10th day of Animanga

No_game_no_life_wallpaperAnime is primarily a business. This is a fact that those of us who care a lot about high quality artwork and innovative storyline often forget. The primary reason why we get such products is because people can make money that way -lots and lots of them. Therefore most of today’s titles are filled with over the top fanservice even in cases where it feels unnecessary to have it. I admire anime like “No Game No Life” that try to go beyond the panties and lolis featured in their story and provide the viewer with something more. Continue reading

2014: 9th day of Animanga


There are certain genres that are always tough to adapt in anime form. Sports and Musical anime are perhaps the best examples of that category, yet Fantasy doesn’t feel so far away. By Fantasy I mean settings that resemble medieval legends and/or worlds like that of Tolkien. Looking back at shows like Record of Loddoss War, Shaman Princess and Kemono no Shouja Erin one can find some good titles that unfortunately share certain weaknesses (lack of action, budget problems, etc.) and lack a sense of fun and epicness. Shingeki no Bahamut is a brave attempt to create something that contains all of these qualities. Continue reading

2014: 8th day of Animanga

tumblr_mzg8p44mpj1qmlmyuo1_r1_1280Most of our entries for the 12 Days tradition have been shows that follow a well known genre and excel on its basic rules. Kill la Kill follows the same pattern; filled to its very core with cliches, including, among others, the “tough and macho as hell” heroine, “friendship always triumphs” philosophy and the “unreasonably evil” villain, one would expect this to be just another story with fights and fanservice. Yet, in contrast to most shows out there, which feel small and time killers, Kill la Kill was huge and did its best to become unforgettable. Continue reading

2014: 7th day of Animanga

tumblr_mz6dr0xv581qajt0io6_1280Imagine that, somehow, a teleport that leads to hell opens in front of you and you decided to pass it. Now you are on top of Inferno’s highest mountain, able to gaze at every little detail. At first you are appalled by the morbidness of the tortures, the cruel nature of this doomed place. But, as you keep on looking, you notice that this place is much funnier than one would have imagined. This is Hoozuki no Reitetsu‘s (HnR) hell and we love it. Continue reading

2014: 6th Day of Animanga

Dddl2014 was a goldmine for comedies. This year’s summer provided us with two masterpieces of the genre, Monthly Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Barakamon. Both anime began with great potential and competed on who’d make our stomachs hurt the most. While Nozaku-kun focused on paroding anime cliches, Barakamon tried to build a story on its own. But what kind of story was that? Continue reading