Mystic Gaia Mix


If you’re too busy or broke to go in the countryside, you can connect with nature through some earthy sounds. Fetch the soothing mix here.


Oyasumi, Baby! Mix


Because anime melodies will give you sweet otaku dreams! Grab the mix and your favorite blanket and sleep well!

Makenai!: energy punch anime music

Vocaloid.600.1404670 by Nitro Kyosuke

You are tired of being hurt, life doesn’t seem enjoyable, luck is not a friend of yours and generally you see everything in black. But you want to stand up again and smile and make it happen- whatever it is that you want. You need to. You owe it to yourself. At times like these, music will lend you a helping hand.

These are the songs I listen to, when I need to be recharge myself with determination. What other music pieces would you add here?


Winter songs- because Christmas is international

Cardcaptor Sakura by CLAMP

Christmas is a holiday that although has Christian roots has reached almost every corner of the earth and is celebrated by million people of different races and religions. In my country 99,9% of the songs we listen to have to do only with Jesus, God, angels and mages. In English… that’s another story. There are many that aren’t religion-oriented and of course I don’t talk about the traditional ones. So I felt the need to search for seasonal songs that don’t tie anyone with their meaning and lyrics, including me, who I don’t believe in any religion; plus some extraordinare and not the usual ones, that just ‘sell’.

Will you follow me for a pleasant -and even thoughtful at times- listen?  Continue reading