Nya & Ken Ken: favorite anime cats & foxes


Foxy Lady Ayame and Neko-kun by Megi Ka, a dear friend of ours

Since our URL and our nicknames suggest our love for cats and foxes, it’s kinda weird that up till now we haven’t made any specific reference (other than the Spice & Wolf series). One reason we avoided making such a thing up till now is that a favorite list can change as you consume more art. But since some loves never die and will always have a special place in our hearts, we decided to try it out.

In this top-3 list, there’ll be only talking animals and not human characters with animal ears and tail. They will be, hopefully, part of another post which will discuss kemonomimi. Continue reading


Anime Moonwalking, Manga Backflipping

moonwalking2Since this is a ‘new start’ of a sorts, it’s appropriate to make some re-introductions and get to know each other better. Besides the freshly updated ‘About Us‘ section, you can check out all the posts in the ‘Journal‘ category. This post is one more contribution to the said category.

We’ve talked about how we met and how Utena ignited our relationship, we’ve mentioned anime we identified with, we described the Greek otaku community the way we experienced it, but we still haven’t delved into how it all began between us and the anime/manga. The chance and idea to ramble about our baptism in these 2D worlds were given by Nopy’s project, “My History with Anime“. Continue reading

Our Genshiken Diaries: The Greek Community Part 1


Our Genshiken Diairies: The Greek Community Part 1

We may not be advertising it a much, but The Beautiful World is a Greek based blog. As a team, both Foxie Lady and Neko-kun are not crazy about their country but they cannot help it and live in its reality. It is a part of this reality, our experience and opinion of the local j-community that we wish to share with our readers.

The main reasons that led to the creation of this article are as follow:
– The need to share a positive side of Greece, rather than the -quite reasonable- negativity that goes around these days.
– The wish to keep a sort memo of what happened the past six years, so that we can evaluate the present and future of the community.
– The interest to see what some of our closest friends have experienced as Greek “Otaku.”

The article is separated in two parts: the first one will present my memories of the past and some interesting information on the Greek Otaku community. The second one is going to be an estimation of the present and the future, written by myself and others whose opinion I treasure.

Some events and periods will be briefly mentioned, to save space and time. The article focuses mostly on the experience I had as an “Otaku” living in Athens.  Continue reading

IDAHO- Because a ‘deviant’ sexual orientation isn’t a disease

IDAHO- Because a 'deviant' sexual orientation isn't a disease

For those who don’t know what day is today and what make it a special one: IDAHO stands for International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Just like today, on May 17th 1990, homosexuality was removed from the International Classification of Diseases of World Health Organization.

This blog supports the rights of all people to love and a healthy sexual life. Because we’ve experienced bullying for one reason or another. Because we know the agony and struggles of not being accepted by people that play a major role in our lives. Because we want to see this world change for the better.

straight or gay, cisgender or transgender love is love

straight or gay, cisgender or transgender love is love

To commemorate this day we share with you personal stories, our opinion on some articles and our thoughts. Acceptance of yourself and the others is a journey. Let your mind open up!  Continue reading