Left Unsaid: 4. First Time(s)


It’s either overestimated or underestimated, isn’t it? The infamous first time. Why plural in the title? What is your guess?

In this post, I’ll share my experience, but I won’t refer to specific names as to protect my privacy and the privacy of my partner(s). I’m willing to talk about it because I find it important for young girls/women to protect and enjoy themselves while not feeling alone in their heart troubles. I can relay only my story, which concerns heterosexual sex, but I’ll mention briefly some basic sex ed stuff for same sex couples. Boys/Men are welcome to take a peek as to see sex from a different perspective and act accordingly towards their loved ones.    Continue reading

Left Unsaid: 3. R Word


If you concern yourself with human rights, you surely know that the ‘R Word’ means of course ‘rape’. You might as well have stumbled upon it on a newspaper or on the net. This word structure by being similar to the ‘F word’ and ‘L word’ denotes something very specific: that there’s a taboo around it when it comes down to talking seriously about the topic and that at the same time some people have used the word so much that it has become trivialized.

V-Day stands not only for Valentine’s Day, but also for Victory and Vagina. 15 years ago Eve Ensler decided to organize a global activist movement to end violence against women. Though the protests are usually in the positive form of dance or theater, I decided that my way of participating and breaking the silence will be this post.

Disclaimer: I am not a rape survivor, thus I can’t claim I really know how it feels, but I’ll try my best to present this sensitive topic with the limited knowledge, experience and empathy that I’ve got. Please, feel free to point out if and where I err.

Trigger warning: images of rape in anime and manga.  Continue reading

Left Unsaid: 2. Gender Pains


Transgenders are the part of the LGBT community that has suffered the most. At least half of them have been kicked out of their homes, bullied in their schools, laughed at in hospitals and churches. People like Charlie Trueman and Tom Blake[1], characters from Tab Kimpton’s great webcomic Khaos Komix, have to fight and safeguard their identity all the time, so that one day they will earn universal respect.  Continue reading

Left Unsaid: 1. Voluntary Death

Left Unsaid: 1. Voluntary Death


This is the first post of a series of articles called Left Unsaid. The project will be dedicated on analyzing various social and personal aspects of life, usually subjects of ambiguous debate. We wish to use this series as a tool to go deeper into our own experiences and to help other people through mutually beneficial discussions. We believe that the world is beautiful and we wish to make it even better. This is one of our contributions to this effort.


As a teenager I remember a word very intriguing to me: death. When I truly started to think and analyze the world around me, the majesty and absolute power of death seemed overwhelming to the eyes of this young boy. Like many other kids my age, I felt like it was something I desired to experience. On this article, I am using volume one of Confidential Confessions (CC) and the story of its heroines, Manatsu and Asparagus, to talk about my own experiences and explain how manga art treats one’s wish to voluntary abandon life. Continue reading