The Red String: 3. Erwin x Levi are enclosed within a cage to be out of the reach of their frightening predators. Once upon a time there was a man who, as a kid, got a glimpse of what is beyond the Walls and perhaps even why. He was determined to dedicate himself in liberating humanity and discovering if that faint glimpse was true. Once upon a time there was also an impoverished child who got orphaned, had to face the ugliness of the human heart every day and fight with nails and teeth to survive. Survey Corps is the place where their paths cross and get to shape humanity’s future!  Continue reading


The Red String: 2. Akira x Miki



Our world is full of different kinds of couples. Some develop their relationship over time while others seem like they simply “meant to be together”. Akira and Miki, the two protagonists of Go Nagai’s Devilman, belong to the latter category. Because one could talk of many different Devilman stories (1) we will mostly focus on the Akira and Miki from the original 1970 manga.

*This article contains spoilers to Devilman‘s story. For those of you who have not read the manga or watched the anime, we strongly recommend that you do so* Continue reading

The Red String : 1. Ginko x Tanyu

I have a fondness for couples with subtle romance and those that are developed in side stories or when the romance is between side characters. This series of posts is going to include more or less minor canon couples that have won my heart and need more love. And so here I present you for the first post with:

Ginko and Tanyu from Mushishi

A man with one emerald eye and one filled with darkness. Snow lies on his head and smoke arises from his mouth. He wanders from one place to another through thick forests like the stream of Light flows freely in nature. One day he was called to a house of a scribe, a young woman with jet black hair and a cursed leg. And after that day, he would come visit ever so often and not just to scan through the huge archive in that house…  Continue reading