Blogroll: Here you can find a list of blogs worth checking out. They are the ones we often visit and respect. They express our tastes and are, essentially, an extension of our worldviews (therefore, please, don’t ask for link exchange).

E= ended activity

Editorial & mixed blogs

2D-Teleidoscope (E)
Anime B&B
Anime Diet
Anime Instrumentality
Anime Viking
Anime wa Bakuhatsu da! (E)
Anipages Daily
Bateszi Anime Blog
Behind the Nihon Review
Chromatic Aberrations Everywhere
Ephemeral Dreamer (E?)
Fantastic Memes
Fashion Tinfoil accessories
Gagging on Sexism
Ha Neul Seom (E)
Hungry Bug Diner
Itadakimasu Anime!
Isn’t it electrifying?
John Sato
Kitsune’s Thoughts
Lemmas and Submodalities (E)
Listless Ink (E)
Memories of Eternity (E)
Shojo corner
Swabulous Max
Temporal Vortex moved here (R)
The Josei Next Door
the Magical Girl Project
The Untold Story of Altair and Vega (R)
Thus Spake The Pattern Recognizing Machine (R)
Vintage Coats
Wrong Every Time
Honorable mention:
Kritik der Animationskraft (E) – We remember love (E)

Review & episodics blogs

a. about anime

Draggle’s anime blog
Hanners’ Anime blog
Lost in America- Anime & More
Moe Sucks
Star Crossed Anime Blog
The Nihon Review
Honorable mention:
Metanorm – T.H.A.T. Animeblog

b. about manga

Good Ok Bad
Manga Bookself

Otaku Champloo


a. general illustration

So Super Awesome
The Art of Animation
Keep Trying!
Anime Backgrounds
de maupin

Vintage Manga
Fuck Yeah Vintage Manga
Fuck Yeah Monster Girls
Fuck Yeah Monster Boys
it’s a long road to hell without no soul [NSFW-kinks]
Sweet Ass Manga Design

b. GL & BL illustrations/ manga screenshots [NSFW]

Lesbian Fairytales
Fuck yeah Femslash
Yuri Nightmares
Star Gay Manga
I am fujoshi
Fulltime Fujoshi

c. reviews

 for Grown Ass Women
Love’s Boys
An Evergrowing List of Non-Con Free BL Manga
Shira’s Ginormous Yuri and Shoujo-ai Manga Master Rec List

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    • I’m sorry, but if you’ve read at th top our policy is to not exchange. Nevertheless I’m going to take a look at your blog and give you my opinion on it! 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading ours, too.


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