Thankful to be alive

I giggled the other day when a friend called 2016 “the worst year in memory”. Of course the world has every reason to think of this as a horrible year. Many beloved stars died, Trump got elected president, politically and economically the world feels very unstable. 2016 did not start well for me either. 365 days ago I was afraid I would miss Foxy as a friend for good (that we would get so distanced we would never talk again). The few money I had saved would probably run out and alongside them my dreams of transitioning and living a happy life. I spent months being completely unproductive and thinking of suicide repeatedly.

But 2016 progressed and things took an unexpected turn for the better. I had an internship during the summer, then started HRT on September and I am currently working on a decently paying job. Things are far from perfect but at least my world is not burning. And if it is to burn, I may have a little more ground to stand during the fight. I made new friends, participated in NaNoWoRiMo for the first time and had so much fun during 2016’s closure. Bad moments were present and numerous but, overall, 2016 was an okay year for me. So I decided that I should write down this small list of things that make me thankful to be alive after almost three decades on planet Earth.

I wish to all of you a happy 2017, filled with love, health and wealth, material and spiritual. Continue reading

Transition, Determination & Weakness

Little less than two months ago, on September 21, I received my first shot for androgen suppression. The same night, my endocrinologist prescribed the estrogen pills I will be hopefully taking for the rest of my life. HRT finally started. Continue reading

My Thoughts on the Anti-Regressive Movement


One of the things I enjoy learning about in my free time is politics. I don’t consider myself passionate on the subject, but I find it productive to listen to debates about subjects I would otherwise not be able to form an opinion on. This practice helps me be a more responsible citizen, capable of making informed decisions. An interesting development in online political discourse is the the rise of a relatively new but popular term; The Regressive Left. Continue reading

Broken Gem: A review of Bokura no Hentai


From the good to the mediocre and memorably bad, most titles contain at least some minor flaws. Yes, that’s true even for your favorites. It’s very rare for these weaknesses to ruin an overall satisfying story. Rare but not impossible, as Bokura no Hentai (BnH) by Fumiko Fumi, one of the few manga that tries to deal with queer/transgender issues on a realistic, level-headed basis, unfortunately reminds us.

*The following review will contain some very important spoilers. For those of you who have come across our blog for the first time, I should mention that I am a transgender woman and social justice and identity will be a major part of my critique. Continue reading

Megane boys & fun: An Interview with Saeko Doyle


No group of artists is more under-appreciated than fanartists. Whether we’re talking about music, fanfiction or designs, people seem to think that an artist working with material originally made by others is somehow lacking in comparison to the “competition”. I think otherwise. Cases like that of Saeko Doyle prove that artists who draw inspiration from already established characters can be just as creative and productive as those who create their own material. I asked Saeko to join us for an interview where talk about her work, the fandoms she loves and her future plans.

Continue reading

Passionate Dissections: An Interview with MistareFusion



There’s a tendency modern critics have to underestimate entertainment from the 1980s-90s. It’s true that on many aspects modern shows innovate by providing a larger representation of the audience and by introducing concepts previously thought untouchable. But does that make the shows we grew up watching shallow and of lesser quality? I am always happy when I see people who try to take a critical standpoint on the subject without deliberately trying to undermine the past’s strong points. MistareFusion, know for his reviews of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Batman and, most notably, Dragon Ball Dissection, is a great example of such a critic. Analytical and demanding, but always willing to provide credit where its due, he is here to share his thoughts and fanboy over the shows he loves.. Continue reading

Lost in the Cute & the Perverse: An Interview with Crystal Mielcarek



horror: an intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust.

American horror is usually synonymous to a small list of stereotypes associated with the country’s movie industry. Perhaps that is the reason why American artists seem to give much emphasis on the shocking and disgusting part of their horror. This trend has led to a relatively monotonous approach to the visual aspect of the experience. Monotone city landscapes, thick outlines, mostly human shaped monsters. Even when done well, at some point this style gets tiring.

Why am I mentioning all this? Because I love it when I see individuals going out of the genre’s cliches and trying their own thing out. Crystal is one such artist who has a very clear vision of where she wants to lead her work. Can horror be found in cute, non-human colorful figures? Can cuteness be found in disturbing gore? Crystal is here with us to answer to those and many more questions. Continue reading