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Mushishi Anthology is up!


Mushishi_cover_optIt may have taken awhile -ok, it was quite long- but the great news is that it’s finally here. You might have explored our site a bit, playing with the buttons, images and the menu, and you must have noticed that certain pages were ‘under construction’. One of them was the Fanfiction chapter, categorized under Index. It’ll include our top picks and they’ll be couple stories; a romantic note on our blog.

The first e-book is now in there ready for you to read/download. Mushishi has been a unique title therefore it’s no surprise it made it first ‘on the shelf’. Enjoy!

Edit: I’ve added a poll in the fanfiction section so that you let us know if there’s interest in other ebook formats.


Receiving and sharing flowers: awards’ time


We receive appreciation from the most unexpected places, making us smile and feel like we really do a great job here. Since comments here are always so few – are you followers that shy? we don’t bite; we swear- we think that our love and hard work go unnoticed. Thus we felt really flattered when we saw that Erin from Gagging on Sexism awarded us the ‘Sunshine Award’, which is passed from one blogger to another as a sign that the receiver has an inspirational blog.  Continue reading

Kaori Yuki MMF: Call for participation


Kaori Yuki Call2

her, print her, she’s mad but she’s magic. there’s no lie in her fire.                                                                                                       ~Charles Bukowski

She must be a demon. Or a creature of that sort. Just look at her characters’ eyes: they seduce you, they look through you, they hold such power on you once you cast your gaze upon them; they will haunt you. She knows how to handle words to crawl under your skin and raise your hair on the back of your neck and stab you in the heart. She can show you the darkness and the light, but mostly everything between. She is kind enough to not only make you feel a deep sorrow but also make you laugh and fill you with hope. She’s jack of all trades and master of all.

She is Kaori Yuki.

And this Manga Moveable Feast is going to be about her and the sprakling precious jewels her works are. She is famous for Angel Sanctuary and Count Cain, but she has written and drawn more than 15 stories from 1986 till today. Her stories are unique and not just pretty and gritty, so it’s a shame that when you open her entry in English Wikipedia there’s so little about her, and articles reviewing and discussing her manga are sparse in the English-speaking online sphere. Thus we wanted to create the opportunity for older fans to praise her worth as well for those who haven’t ever read her to explore her magical worlds.

The Kaori Yuki MMF will run from Saturday, 20th April through Friday, 26th April. Start (re)reading and get your fingers ready to type, your voice to speak and generally unleash your love and creativity!

We will accept submissions at ayame(dot)purpleris75(at)gmail(dot)com or tweet @FoxyLadyAyame. People without blogs can also contact us to get their opinion published. If you’ve already got a post on Kaori Yuki, send it over here to get it listed in the archives of this MMF.

Nya & Ken Ken: favorite anime cats & foxes


Foxy Lady Ayame and Neko-kun by Megi Ka, a dear friend of ours

Since our URL and our nicknames suggest our love for cats and foxes, it’s kinda weird that up till now we haven’t made any specific reference (other than the Spice & Wolf series). One reason we avoided making such a thing up till now is that a favorite list can change as you consume more art. But since some loves never die and will always have a special place in our hearts, we decided to try it out.

In this top-3 list, there’ll be only talking animals and not human characters with animal ears and tail. They will be, hopefully, part of another post which will discuss kemonomimi. Continue reading

Our Travelog, Just a Little Taste of Journey Volume 1 is up!


JALTOJ_cover3Finally, after a long wait and a small delay, our ‘baby’ is here! Neko-kun has worked hard on making our first self-published book a reality, along with our friends’ support in editing. The outcome is very pleasing, if we are allowed to boast a little bit about it. It’s our love and fan labor of the last 2-3 years cherry-picked and beautifully repackaged.

It is designed as an introduction to our blog, but it will also find its use as a portfolio of both of us. And above all its a memento of our first steps in life as couple who enjoys almost the same hobbies and of our presence in the animanga-blogosphere. Be sure to take a look whether you are a new or older reader of the beautiful world. There are some things that aren’t in any of our posts here and which you’ll find only in this book. We hope you like it a lot! Perhaps you are even interested in obtaining a physical copy! For more details click on the image that redirects in our Travelog section.

And we wish to make one more announcement, an idea that was born just a few hours ago: we want to venture on the podcast/vlog world, too. It would be nice not only to try something new, but also bring different people together, discuss and present miscellaneous topics. And which topic wouldn’t be more appropriate for starters than fandoms itself? Please complete our survey here. This way we’ll collect some interesting material to talk about. Thanks in advance for your time!


Kashira, kashira, gozonji kashira? Spread the news! What are you waiting for!

Update: Our book is also published! You can order it and you’ll only have to pay your shipping costs. Donations are accepted, since it did cost us to print it; you can donate through paypal to the ayame.purpleiris75@gmail.com adress.



Anime Moonwalking, Manga Backflipping

moonwalking2Since this is a ‘new start’ of a sorts, it’s appropriate to make some re-introductions and get to know each other better. Besides the freshly updated ‘About Us‘ section, you can check out all the posts in the ‘Journal‘ category. This post is one more contribution to the said category.

We’ve talked about how we met and how Utena ignited our relationship, we’ve mentioned anime we identified with, we described the Greek otaku community the way we experienced it, but we still haven’t delved into how it all began between us and the anime/manga. The chance and idea to ramble about our baptism in these 2D worlds were given by Nopy’s project, “My History with Anime“. Continue reading