About the travelers

The authors: Partners in life, met by chance, struggling to get over distance.

Foxy Lady Ayame has studied pedagogics and currently works as a foreign language teacher. Not very sure about her career but without a doubt an avid animanga fan and an art-nouveau lover. She records her inspiration in her compass on my field trip and its extension on springpad.

>>The avatar: Inspired by Horo, who is the epitome of a female: she is whimsical, at times capricious,  clever and wise, a sultry, strong and a dynamic woman. Yet still vulnerable; which makes her very humane.

>> The nickname: Back in the day it was Kitsune, because Horo has quite red fur and resembles a fox instead of a wolf, and because kitsune as mythological creatures are fascinating. But since at the time there was another Kitsune at WordPress, things would get complicated. Thus it changed to Foxy Lady. Ayame was the handle used for commenting on WP, so for practical reasons it ended up the way it is now.

Neko-chi is a graphic designer and illustrator who works for a publishing house. She was born in California, thus a crazy Lakers’ fan. She’s a bibliophile and nuts about old good video games. Oh and she loves sleeping. The member of this blog who doesn’t write often.

>> The avatar: Do you remember the Spice & Wolf OVA? Horo visualises and likens Lawrence to a cat in her head. That’s where the inspiration comes from. Lawrence can’t miss out what’s going on in the world in economy and politics. He has sharp mind and a soft heart. The latter along with his cluelessness in romance are the reason why he is teased a lot.

>> The nickname: It relates directly to the image used for the avatar. Cats are cute, playful… and lazy. They seek caresses and hugs but they can also have mood swings and be sulky.

Take your pen and write your story, co-traveler~

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