Thankful to be alive

I giggled the other day when a friend called 2016 “the worst year in memory”. Of course the world has every reason to think of this as a horrible year. Many beloved stars died, Trump got elected president, politically and economically the world feels very unstable. 2016 did not start well for me either. 365 days ago I was afraid I would miss Foxy as a friend for good (that we would get so distanced we would never talk again). The few money I had saved would probably run out and alongside them my dreams of transitioning and living a happy life. I spent months being completely unproductive and thinking of suicide repeatedly.

But 2016 progressed and things took an unexpected turn for the better. I had an internship during the summer, then started HRT on September and I am currently working on a decently paying job. Things are far from perfect but at least my world is not burning. And if it is to burn, I may have a little more ground to stand during the fight. I made new friends, participated in NaNoWoRiMo for the first time and had so much fun during 2016’s closure. Bad moments were present and numerous but, overall, 2016 was an okay year for me. So I decided that I should write down this small list of things that make me thankful to be alive after almost three decades on planet Earth.

I wish to all of you a happy 2017, filled with love, health and wealth, material and spiritual. Continue reading