Heroines of Beauty and Lust: An Interview with Projekt Wolfenstahl

(N): I was always curious as to how hentai developers decide on what fetishes to include in their games and how to present them. How creative can you get and are there things you’d never depict?

(C): Well, I would never draw guro for example, but as long as a fetish isn’t part of the “I will never draw that” list, we will probably implement it, since it’s good to have a little something for one or another person. The more people we can reach, the better. Of course I prefer to draw what fits my taste, but in the past I’ve also drawn stuff that I thought to be gross myself. As long as I can deal with it, I will draw it.

(N): A heated subject of discussion when it comes to modern erotica is representation and violence, with many people supporting the idea that watching “extreme” content (i.e. rape, s/M, vore, guro, etc.) can influence gamers’ mentality and belief system negatively. As independent developers where do you stand on this debate?

(Wo): This debate is a very hot topic. Well, first of all I have to say that we do NOT endorse any kind of bad-behaviour in real life. I understand why some people have issues with this kind of content, but I believe that there’s a huge difference between fictional and real life situations. While these things are inherently bad in real life, and people get harmed by these violent actions, it’s a totally different thing when it comes to fiction, as in fiction no one gets harmed. And I think that these two things need to be viewed separately.

Our content is obviously directed at adults, and I believe an adult should be mature enough to separate fiction from reality, while minors should not be looking at our stuff in the first place. An adult who is able to realize that it’s all fiction should also to stay uninfluenced and not project these things into real life. It’s a bit far-fetched to state that someone suddenly starts to turn into a “bad person” because they are being exposed to such material. If that was the case we would have to banish all forms of violence (even non sexual violence) in movies and games, in other words to hide it even from adults, in order to prevent them from acting upon such an influence, which sounds kinda strange. An adult should be mentally mature enough to not degenerate into some sort of monster, just because of a movie or a game. If someone happens to be or becomes a monster, it’s in general because of other psychological factors. But that’s a different topic, so I’ll stop here.

Thinking of my own exposure to different kinds of sexual content, I can state the following: Personally, I dislike lolicon, shotacon, vore (except soft-vore) and guro, but despite the fact that I strongly dislike these kinds of things, I don’t think these things should be forbidden. It’s fiction and I don’t have to look at it if I don’t like it. There are some people who enjoy it, and I don’t see any harm in this. And yes, I looked at these kinds of things, mostly by accident, a couple of times already. But I still dislike it, it’s really not my cup of tea.

I think it’s absolutely fine that everyone has their own likes and dislikes. We all just need to accept that everyone is an individual with different opinions and tastes. Usually I say: “It’s fine to do anything you like, as long as you don’t harm others!” So as long as people don’t harm others in real life, it’s okay. It takes a lot more than a hentai game or a first person shooter to turn a person into a criminal. In most cases, it’s other influences from a person’s real life that often have a huge impact on their childhood and past, which causes them to have a twisted mentality and belief system which in turn causes them to cause harm.

Looking at our own games, there’s something interesting to note: So far all our hentai games belong to the so-called “game over rape” or “run or rape” genre, which involves the main character (player character) having to avoid being raped. Well, actually the main character doesn’t just run, but she beats up the evil guys pretty badly. We have also decided to never do a game where the main character regularly rapes someone else as it’s really not our cup of tea. I really dislike it when “my character” starts doing the raping. I mean, I know it’s fictional and stuff, but from a personal viewpoint, I really don’t enjoy it. What I like more is to face the consequences of my character being defeated. And no, I don’t lose on purpose, that would be boring. It’s part of the narrative, being curious as what happens after being defeated. Personally, I think death is more frightening than a simple hentai. But that’s my personal opinion and I guess everyone has their own opinion on that matter.

(C): I guess Wolfenstahl summed it up pretty well. It’s fiction and as long as no real person gets hurt, it’s okay.

tumblr_nsrp8wt6VN1t1o20qo1_500(N): What’s the biggest misconception people have about hentai illustrators/developers?

(Wo): I actually have no idea. Well, I’ve seen some younger people state things like: “I really hope this artist doesn’t draw hentai!” If they’re talking about their favorite artist, but… well in fact most of the greatest artists out there had drawn at least one lewd artwork in their life, probably even more than that. Especially artists from Japan often have lewd artworks of their characters on pixiv. I personally think that simply because you like or even create lewd content, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person!

In fact, contrary to common belief, I get the feeling that people who are more tolerant towards lewd material show tolerance on an other subjects too. It’s not good to make generalizations since people in general are very diverse but I think that this is the case. If you’re more open-minded for “weird” things, you’re overall nicer and more tolerant. Which I think is a good trait, accepting others for what they are or what they like, as long as they cause no harm.

(C): I guess the big cliche would be that every person that has something to do with hentai is an antisocial, ugly and pervert that hides in his/her room all day and indulges him/herself in those pervy fantasy worlds, unable to ever have any sort of healthy relationship with other humans. But when I look at us, I don’t see anything of this. xD Sure, I’m more of a shy person and I don’t like big crowds, but I think I’m far from being the only person with these attributes. And Wolfenstahl is very extroverted, keeping contact with many people and organizing stuff. I think we are pretty regular people, and no one could ever guess that we are producing hentai stuff unless we tell them.

(N): Could you name three of your greatest influences (be them games, comics and/or artists)?

(Wo): That’s a tough question, I guess a lot of stuff influences oneself on a daily basis, but if I had to name a few I’d probably choose:

Type-Moon (visual novels and stuff)

– Fairy Tail (I love the characters and the guild!)

– Real life, my own experiences and friendships

I think the third point, real life, is a huge impact on everything I create. I’m a very social person and very open about being a hentai game dev towards my friends. In my country people are more open towards hentai and sexual material in general, so this is nothing special. At any rate, knowing a lot of people well really helps with creating believable characters. I don’t usually design characters after people I know, but I tend to take parts of ones’ personality in order to develop a new character (his/her background story, motivations etc.). I openly talk a lot to my friends about my characters. However, since we started the webcomic, people don’t want to be spoiled, so I’m a bit limited in what I can talk about, hahaha.

(C): Huff, three isn’t enough. Let’s see, I guess I started drawing more often when I discovered FE Path of Radiance, since I liked those designs Kita Senri made a lot. Also, later on, I discovered Suikoden V, which also got many nice character designs (unfortunately I don’t know the artist’s name). Then I joined the german anime/manga artist community Animexx where I discovered the artist Yaichino. Because of Yaichino’s wonderful digital artworks, I started to draw digitally myself.

Naming a third influence is difficult, because I admire many artists, manga and games, so I absolutely can’t decide for one of those to be the third most important. Back when I drew mostly males, I got the most inspiration from Ayano Yamane‘s yaoi manga like Crimson Spell. And Yana Toboso with Kuroshitsuji. Regarding hentai artists, I favor Yazirou (Masaru) and “23” (yes, that’s that artists nickname on pixiv) a lot. Currently I absolutely love the works of Kazuki Yone, Kawacy, Tsunako and a bunch of other artists that I follow on pixiv. They all have art styles from which I can learn a lot for the future. So those are my next “milestones” I guess. Yazirou and “23” count into those milestones too.

(N): Any advice you’d like to give to those who aspire to be in your place?

(Wo): The most important thing is to start small, be patient and never give up. There was a point when we… kinda gave up on ourselves. This was shortly after we stopped our work on Geisterhand. It’s better to see things through until the end, of course there will always be stuff that doesn’t go as planned, there’s always trouble and hardships ahead. But you really need to push forward, move on and work hard. Never give up, and one day you’ll certainly reach your goal! Nearly everyone who ended up being successful had a long way to go and experienced failure, but in the end it payed off, so yeah, don’t give up!

(C): Get someone who can give your work a fair and honest feedback and draw EVERY DAY! Start with small things like a sketch per day, so you get used to drawing daily and then stack it up, so you reach 1-2 hours a day. Also use references and/or tracing material for practice. (Traced stuff should not be posted online I think, since it’s really just for teaching your hand the movements. And references should always get credited if you post your work online^^).

First you copy, then you develop your own style. And set yourself some milestones that aren’t too far away. Like a milestone for drawing 2 eyes in a symmetric way etc. If something is difficult, it’s good. You’re learning. If you can draw something with ease, go and look for another thing that you can’t draw well. And like mentioned above, ask for feedback. As an artist you might tend to be blind to your own “mistakes”, so it’s always good to have another person that can tell you where you could improve on the next artwork. That’s the way to teach yourself how to draw.

After that, just be present on various websites and post regularly to get attention. Attention is the most important thing for artists. But don’t work for free unless you want to. I personally think, if I have to work for free, I would rather work for myself on my own projects instead of stuff for others. Also, don’t upload the full resolution of your artworks to make it more difficult for thieves to use your art for merchandise etc. without permission. ;3

tumblr_nxpq3tE5c61t1o20qo1_1280(N): What should we expect from Projekt Wolfenstahl in the near future?

(Wo): I can’t give all the details yet, but in the upcoming months we’re going to reveal something that we’re currently preparing in our free time. Don’t worry, we’re still going to do hentai games! All the money from Patreon goes into the webcomic and hentai game development. It’s just that we realized that our Patreon didn’t grow the last couple months, and we’re not able to make much progress on our game developement that way. So we decided to take some of the money we saved up from commissions and hired work, in order to prepare something new.

(N): Thank you for this great interview. Is there anything else you wish to share with our readers?

(Wo): Thank you very much for interviewing us! The only thing that comes to mind is that I want to thank all of our fans and supporters for sticking with us all these years. We wouldn’t be creating the stuff we’re working on, if it wasn’t for you! Thank you very very much! It really means a lot to us and we’d love to create more stories and games for you in the future!

(C): This might sound pretty much cliché but… I hope my english was okay, since it’s not my native language, haha^^ Also I hope that our answers were helpful and/or interesting. Nyep, I guess that’s all. I’m always bad at finding a nice end for stuff I write, haha ^-^” Thanks for the nice interview!

You can find Projekt Wolfenstahl on

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Deathblight’s tumblr (NSFW)

Wolfenstahl’s Twitter

Crescentia’s Twitter

Crescentia’s Tumblr (NSFW)

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1. Humans with animal attributes like cat ears and tails.

2. OC = Original Character


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