The Red String: 3. Erwin x Levi

Best Doujinshi

The queens of the eruri doujinshi are without a doubt hitomi/h-eichi and 8tail/dixiee72. They are the total opposites when it comes to artwork: hitomi’s version of eruri is all muscles in a bara-influenced way (you can spot veins on hands etc), highly detailed, angular and 8tail’s is more graceful and minimalistic, curvy, reminding me of est em. The stories they draw also have contrasting moods with hitomi focusing on drama and 8tail on the lightness of every day life. Hitomi prefers writing within canon and the school spinoff while 8tail goes for a domestic AU. But what they have in common is how they highlight tenderness. You read and you become a pool of mushy goo. Honestly.

hitomi dj

From left to right: I remember, world end, memento mori, Curtain call (2 parts), A world without God.

H-eichi is a doujinka that takes her shipping very seriously. Her works are from the very few that aren’t usually PWP (=plot? what plot?). She shows the situations leading up to sex and that’s how her doujinshi are most of the time between 40 and 50 pages. She invests a lot in taking the canon and recrafting it, using Levi’s POV to give depth to the relationship. That also means that there aren’t any OOC lines during the smut and she really understands that Erwin is a modest person who cares about others and he couldn’t possibly be a smug jerk in bed either. When it comes to the Titan School AU, she writes Levi with a softer personality and it works since he’s a high schooler. I usually have big issues with any teacher x student relationship, but H-eichi’s portrayal is so cute that my inhibitions go to the bin.

Whatever setting she chooses though I’m always impressed by her attention to body language; any decent artist can draw a kiss and a penis in a hole, but very few go the extra mile to picture the every day simple touches, the small sensual caresses that overflow with yearning and say “I love you” silently. When I read her doujinshi, my feelings gather melancholically like humidity on a leaf and fall in a drop, rippling a pond. The only flaws one can find in her writing is that she can get a bit rambley and perhaps some may consider it cheesy, but her deft panel layout and her manly art style balance this out.

The works I love from her are the following:

  • I remember:This is how things went for them beyond commander and subordinate. We see how people both place their hope in the Survey Corps and make it a scapegoat at the same time. After Erwin’s first expedition as Commander, Levi shows Erwin he’s there for him. Laying next to each other isn’t enough though.
  • world end: These nights after an expedition that they get physical, continue. When the pattern breaks, and Erwin opens up to Levi about his father and his dreams, the nature of their feelings and their relationship become clearer to both.
  • memento mori: This installment is about chapter 49. The cover is damn painful if you take this into consideration. There’s a summary of the events of the series up until then, illustrating Levi’s continuous loalty despite everything that has occured in between. Memento mori as the title suggests is all about Levi getting a reminder of their mortality, his favoritism towards Erwin, the strain on their relationship their positions and situation dictates, the small spots of uncertainty and the unwavering determination for their goal.
  • Curtain Call: Reincarnation AU where only our baes remember their previous life. Erwin is a CEO, workaholic -bad habits don’t wear out even in the next life it seems- and generous. He’s met all his other friends and comrades but not yet Levi, so he thinks it must be punishment. When he donates toys to some kids for Christmas, he’ll find someone unexpected in an unexpected place…
  • A world without God: H-eichi plays the taboo card exceptionally well to pull our heart strings. The alert Levi is on for anyone not to catch them being together, his hyperbolic self-awareness and how he looks like a puppy everytime he says “Sir” are just adorable. There’s a bittersweetness in wanting to overcome the obstacles set by their status of teacher student and their size difference doesn’t help them in the least. The desire to escape somewhere far away is one I deeply empathize with. There’s no sex in here, but kisses, hugs and hand-holding never were so satisfactory!

From left to right: Sweetish, Cafe Open, with you with me, you are, 1014, anyway anywhere. You can read them in English here.

8tail’s doujin are all set into the same universe, where Erwin and Levi have opened a cafe-restaurant. As the doujinshika notes at the beginning: Erwin and Levi live in the rural highlands somewhere. When they are in the mood, they open their very, very small cafe. Erwin was highup in a major manufactoring company. He quit his job along with Levi, the subordinate he headhunted from a small factory, and together they moved to the countryside. Mike works as a horse trekking guide and helps out with forestry work. He lives with Nanaba. Hange does research into various agricultural things, always manipulating her assistant Moblit. Eren , Mikasa and Armin are three children who live nearby, while Nile is a contemporary from Erwin’s salary day. The chronological order of these dj goes roughly like this (they’re self-contained episodes, so they could be read in whatever order, really): anyway, anywhere -> Cafe Open -> Sweetish -> with you, with me -> you are ->1014. It’s fluff iyashikei with oyaji and cooking. The only time it strays from its light ambience is in anyway, anywhere where we get a dramatic flashback.

Here’s small summaries of each volume (in published order):

  • Sweetish: Erwin fell ill, surprisingly, and he’s a wreck. Levi nurses him. Mike drops by to give them some herbal tea Nanaba made that is good for the cold.
  • Cafe Open: First day of opening the cafe after the encouragement of their friends. Their very first customers are 3 children who lost their way in the forest. Later their friends come as well.
  • with you, with megetting on between the sheets, lover’s spat over cleaning the sheets, eating together. Short, simple and cute.
  • you arethe cafe’s busy when Nile comes to say hi to Erwin. He ends up having lunch with the couple and their friends while chatting about his family and Erwin’s relationship with Levi.
  • 101414th of October is Erwin’s birthday. The husbands plant together their garden, Mike brings aromatic pouches as present, Eren-tachi get treated some sweets, and Hanji loiters around. For tonight they sleep in the same bed.
  • anyway, anywhereClean up day and our old men reminisce. Memories aren’t always pleasant though. Later they horse-ride and relax.

Other recs


From left to right: Schrödinger’s Cat, A game Of Make-Believe Demons, The Angel In The Town Of The Sinking Sun, A Home On The Range, Suicide in the Moonlight.

  •  Schroediger’s Cat by Ame Susu:  Ah! Guilty (underage dub-con) pleasure ahoy! Levi plays truant …under his teacher’s desk with wild intentions. This dj surprises me on many levels when it comes to how it appeals to me since it includes themes that usually are a turn off for me (lots of cum, cum in mouth, infamous pregnant lines). And when you think it couldn’t get hotter, the last panel finishes you off. Ugh.
  • A Game of Make Believe Demons by Peeco: Very neat stuff, with Erwin actually looking like Erwin -he’s one of the characters most artists fail in depicting faithfully. It might have no groundbreaking premise (consolation sex post-expedition) but the dialog is pretty spirited and modestely romantic. I confess charmed by the foe!yay undertones. Levi might be straightforward, but not really when it comes to his feelings for others and that’s cute in its own right.
  • The Angel In The Town of The Sinking Sun by unoderi: bittersweet AU set in DDR where Levi, a chef, takes in Erwin, an injured spy from the West. Things get soon intimate between them, but their sense of “homeland” is different. The sex scenes are intense without needless close ups and I find both of them handsomely drawn.
  • Home on the Range by oywn: 5 short stories set post-Titan war when Erwin and Levi have started living together in the forests and bask in each other’s warmth. Lots of sweet sex and a bit of drama towards the end, but it’s a happy serene story nevertheless. It’s highly detailed and sultry.
  • Suicide in the Moonlight by Sagawa Miku/sable: part of an anthology, this short story stood out to me. UST (Unresolved Sexual Tention) gets resolved through meanings of embracing, kissing and sex that range from soft to greedy.

P.S.: If you want to read these in English, I can pm you the links on twitter, because I don’t want to endanger the scanlators.


Best Fan fictions

Note: This list like the rest is relevant to my tastes. This means that beyond any standards of what I deem good writing (eg. well-fleshed characters, intriguing plot/ steamy scenes), I don’t include kinks like crossdressing and daddy/pimp AUs and anything containing very graphic violence is probably out, too. As far as the writing goes, I avoid overly poetic-sugary or theatrical wording, and I find sadistic and arrogant portrayal of Erwin OOC. Additionally, here are only completed works as of the time of completion of this post. May add more suggestions in the future.

1. Audacity by Shoi is unanimously considered the eruri FanFiction. It counts 49 chapters and about 195.000 words. It’s an origin fic, mainly from Erwin’s POV, that she started writing way before the ACWNR manga and OVA were published and aired. Here’s the blurb by Shoi:

Erwin Smith is a young military officer caught between two worlds. The bastard son of a nobleman, Erwin has used his cunning, intelligence, and ambition to navigate through the complicated politics of life behind the Three Walls. But when Erwin decides to rescue a mysterious young man from an unfair death sentence, everything Erwin knows about life — and himself– will change forever.

The story has three major arcs: the opening act, where Lieutenant Erwin of the MP meets a skilled thug at his short trial and takes it upon him to save him and make him a fine soldier; Dark Horse, where Erwin has been demoted to the Survey Corps, has risen in ranks again and his life is threatened by Titans and assissinators close to him alike; and Golem, where Erwin as a Commander tries hard to coax the elite for funds all the while his past comes to haunt him.

Shoi studies anthropology and her profession, as well as her love for animals, has seeped into her work with remarkable results. Throughout Audacity we witness the gap between classes, the machinations of the upper echelons of the Attack on Titan universe, and descrimination against ethnoreligious groups -she’s written Levi with Jewish-influenced background.

It’s very interesting how in character both Erwin and Levi are written and at the same time how we get to know them anew. It’s only natural that, since we deal with a backstory, one set in the protagonists’ younger days, the characters weren’t exactly the same. Shoi manages to lace seamlessly canon and headcanon and bring forth their intricate mental and emotional world. She builds steadily to the point you don’t bat an eye when an otherwise sappy line comes out of the characters’ mouth. There’s an undeniable allure in each of them and their chemistry, that you can’t help but pray for their wellbeing if not outright root for them and fantasize them between your the sheets. As for the side characters, despite the fact they are mostly used for plot progression and to help in the characterization of the main characters, they can stand fairly well on their own. Kudos should be given for the respectable short exploration of transgenderism, too.

Her writing is riveting and vivid; you can’t really put the book down easily. Her dialogs are witty and the script is tight. Shoi has masterfully woven her story dropping details with a droplet and sowing questions only to be answered later and wrap nicely at the end. Thus, the suspence is exquisite and when all the pieces of the puzzle fall in, there’s great satisfaction. The only times I willingly paused reading were when the characters went through emotionally heavy situations. Her pen is so good that you get immersed very deep and the characters’ pain is also yours. Her wording is filled with metaphors, simile and lyrical scenes and yet it never becomes overbearing and helps to carry across tough moments realistically. You can’t look away, you can’t not think about what you’ve read.

Excerpt from the first chapter:

Levi had stopped his struggling. Only his head moved as Erwin came towards him, just enough for him to see. Up close, Erwin could make out his features more properly. He was a narrow eyed creature, his nose and mouth as petite as the rest of him, making assessing his age on sight impossible. He was so small that Erwin supposed a large man could fit both hands around his waist at once, though it was clear that what Levi lacked in size he made up for in tense and well toned muscle.

“Élie Levi,” Erwin said.

“Oh,” Levi said. “Look at you. A cut above the rest.” He didn’t sneer, nor smirk, only looked placidly at Erwin with those sharp and pitiless eyes. They were pale and grey, heavy-lidded, and gave him a rather haunted look. “What are you, the front of the line?”

Erwin blinked. “The line?”

“Nobody’s gotten around to raping me yet. Does that mean you want to be first? Come on, then.” He jerked his chin, chains clinking. “Let’s see your dick. It better at least be as good looking as the rest of you.”

Erwin swallowed his revulsion, and remained impassive with an effort. “I see. No. I haven’t come for that.”

Audacity has nothing to be jealous of “highbrow literature”, jargon and all (there’s a lot of specialized vocabulary concerning architecture, military, horse breeding and falconry). As such, reading through it can prove a daunting task for an ESL, but if you aren’t obsessed about getting a clear picture of every little detail, you can bypass it, since you can understand what’s going on based on context.

Another proof of her maestry are the sex scenes. There are 5 all in all and involve various degrees of down to earth SM. It’s very very hard to write sex scenes that don’t sound funny, much more ones that are in character. Moreover, Shoi went a step further: the sex was part of the characters’ development and a natural continuation of the story’s main theme, trust. And trust requires one to be true to oneself and their partner. Truth is also a very important notion in Jewish tradition, but I don’t want to spoil the fun. I’ll just say it even ties back to fighting Titans. Shoi is a magician of words, a very clever weaver of narratives.

All in all, this is a little diamond I’d recommend to everyone who wants to read something really good and not only to eruri shippers and AoT fans. While reading, I had the silly fangirl smile plastered across my face -when I wasn’t biting my nails, crying silently or staring the space in front of me devastated. When I finished it, I felt that familiar bittersweet feeling of hollowness, the what-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-my-life-now, wash over me. It’s like the warmth of a superb wine you’ve just sipped that burns you and reaffirms the wine’s quality.


2. Stereobone is the treasure chest of the eruri fandom. Almost every fic she’s written for this ship is equally well-written and guaranteed to solve any dry spell you might have been on. I mean I lost count on the panties I soiled and I’m a difficult-to-please reader. If I had to pick from her works, I’d point to Black Dog (6 chapters, 44072 words), a story post-ACWNR, and Animals (1 chapter, 26218 words), the prison AU inspired by ailene’s fanart. If you want a quick and delightful read, I suggest Arbutus(1863 words), where Levi helps Erwin build a garden post-war, but gardening is just a preface. Stereobone’s word flows naturally and has a knack for portraying UST. She’s wise enough to be precise and laconic -and snarky, let’s not forget snarky- when it comes to sex talking involving those two. She’s also from the very few writers that uses “they” pronouns for Hanji -if you’re interested in that sort of representation.

In Black Dog Levi has to manage his nightmares and learn to fit better in the military and Erwin is the only person whom he listens and the one he finds company in. Along the way their relationship becomes more than simple fondness. The story starts with a flashback to Levi’s life as a child trying to remain alive in the streets (warning: spoilers after the end of S1). It goes on telling of the nights he stayed up and chatted or played chess with Erwin, how he interacted with other soldiers at the barracks and on the battlefield, of his visit to the capital. Steadily Levi becomes more involved with everything and a couple of people besides Erwin. He brings death news to a parent of a soldier he liked, he applies for Squad Leader, and he gets tangled in the political aspect of the things, too. It’s got good smut, good drama and good action. And the characters have a fresh air about them -they sound as young as they should. Here’s an excerpt:

“Levi,” he says. “You must know I favor you.”

Levi drags his gaze back to Erwin.

“But you don’t touch me.”

For the first time, Erwin looks startled. He blinks, mouth slightly open.


“Nothing,” Levi says.

He has no idea where that outburst came from. His face burns. He starts to turn away, but now Erwin does touch him, reaches out and grabs his arm. Levi stops, and for a moment neither of them moves. Then Erwin starts pulling Levi back toward him. Levi resists because it seems like the thing to do. Because talking about it is one thing, but the idea of acting on it pulls a cord in him that’s terrifying.

Animals spins around Levi’s time in prison where his cellmate happens to be one mysterious, stoic but kind-hearted giant, Erwin. He wants to get through this as quiet and fast as possible, because his sister waits for him ouside. But life doesn’t wait for him to catch up and he also has to navigate through every day in prison between avoiding troublesome fellows and attending classes, as his social worker, Hanji, suggested him to do. Although I don’t know much about prisons, Erwin sticks out as a sore thumb in such a setting, especially in how peacefully he gathers people around him -he’s a calm power-, but it does say a lot about Stereobone’s skills that the everything works out and doesn’t feel completely unrealistic. Levi’s and Erwin’s relationship is delicious as expected, combining raunchiness and sincerely affectionate desire. The emotions stirred in the reader towards the end of the story are just priceless. Here’s an excerpt:

Showering is a strange experience. The first time, Levi felt exposed and humiliated, standing naked next to a bunch of other men cleaning himself. But over the past week it’s become slightly less invasive feeling. He’s seen more dick than he ever thought he would in his life. No one bothers him in the showers, even if a few guys have whistled at him. Some of them act like it’s a big joke. Most of them treat showering like a sacred thing, and in here, it kind of is.

A few times, Levi’s caught sight of Erwin in the showers, eyes closed, washing himself. His body is fit, really fit, and Levi wonders if he spent time in the military. That night, Erwin showers right next to him, and he doesn’t look at Levi, but Levi still feels like he’s doing it to rile him up. He glances down at Erwin’s dick because he can’t help it, then looks right back up again. From out of the corner of his eye, he could swear Erwin is smiling.


3. FortinbrasFTW is a relative new fanfiction writer within the SNK/AOT fandom, but she’s sharpened her pen in other fandoms, it appears. She surprised me pleasantly with both Seven Days. Three Lattes., her Starbucks modern AU (8 chapters, 13144 words),  and Tenacity and Turnout, her ballet modern AU (10 chapters, 56812 words). The latter isn’t focused on Erwin (art director) and Levi (star danceur), but we do see them as a couple throughout the fic and with a good end for them. It’s written from three different POVs, from Eren’s, Armin’s and Jean’s, though it doesn’t use first person narration. I recommend it if you have some time, because it made me want to start dancing again, and gave me such stress and joy for all of them involved.

The strictly eruri title here is shorter in length but no less brilliantly written. It might not have the glamor a ballet AU entails but it understands everyday dialog and how it’s supposed to come out of the mouths of the SNK characters. I used to think that a fic packed with dialog and one-two liners was the denoter of lack of talent, but I was more than happy to be proven wrong. FortinbrasFTW just knows how to do humor and write mundane drama. I love how in character Levi is from his feigned indifference to how he screws things up and how he snaps when he’s angry with himself. I also like the Captain America joke and how she’s put some of the SNK cast in the nameless crowd that frequents the cafe. Here’s an excerpt from the beginning:

“Excellent,” Levi mutters, turning away and moving to continue tidying. “Why don’t you just take personal bios at the counter? It would really make all the customers feel more comfortable, very respectful. A+ service.”

“Just taking an interest.” She answers lightly, pushing her glasses back up her nose. “People like interest.”

“Not from you.” Levi says, cleaning off the spouts. “You’re a creep.”

“Persistent creep,” Hanji smiles, “Give me a few weeks and I’ll know if he’s single.”


4. Another gifted fanfiction writer is uro-boros. Her specialty are drabbles (100-200 words) and ficlets (1000-2000 words), mostly smut, but top tier smut. When it isn’t smut, it’s quite the creative ventures, eg. eruri birds. Yup, birds, you read well. She has great sense of humor, take for example the one where Erwin isn’t exactly a Smooth Operator. She’s written some great fellatio and breathplay as well some excellent mikeruri and erurihan. But my pick would probably be Transatlanticism set in modern AU. Erwin is married but he doesn’t really know what he wants in his life and Levi is reluctantly dragged around. Erwin will have to change to make Levi justice. From the beginning of the ficlet:

When they meet, Erwin’s married. Levi takes one look at the ring on his finger, twists his lips, and says, “I don’t fuck married guys.”

Erwin nods. Erwin wears three-piece suits and worry in the wrinkles by the corners of his eyes. He’s nursing a whiskey that he’s been working at all night. “I respect that,” he says. “But I’m not asking you to fuck me.”

“Then what are you asking for?”


“Fuck,” Levi snorts, shaking his head. This has bad idea written all over it and he knows it. But Levi’s life has been a series of bad decisions, things he did despite knowing better not to; he doesn’t regret them, really, but he isn’t proud of them either. “Why not?”


5. If it’s PWP you seek, the night shift (1156 words) by djsoliloquy is perfection. Levi and Erwin are dead tired after a hard day’s work but Levi’s horny tonight. Erwin though half-asleep isn’t willing to let another night pass by sexless so he lets Levi do him. Intercrural sex and facial for you dear eruri shippers. It’s so realistic and hot and sweet in its domesticity! Husbandos indulging one another despite routine wearing them down ❤

Levi strokes Erwin’s hair away from his face, murmurs in his ear, “Yeah? What are we gonna do?” It’s rhetorical, more effort than he really has the energy for as he waits for Erwin to sleep so he can slip off to the bathroom.

With a sigh, Erwin sinks against the mattress. His little moans of effort sound like objections. “You’re never,” he says. “I don’t want to—we just—”

He tosses until Levi presses a hand to his stomach, sliding it up under his soft threadbare t-shirt. Erwin gives a quiet moan, trying to help, arching when Levi lightly draws his nails down a thigh.

Levi puts his mouth to Erwin’s neck and tugs down the waist of his sweatpants. “What are we going to do, Erwin?”


6. Salt (3 chapters, 30388 words) by rivai-lution is a merboy AU where Levi is found on the shore by Erwin, a veteran marine haunted by the war. Secluded in the lighthouse away from most people they lick each other’s wounds and shy away from the things they must face. The sea forces them to reconsider their abilities and wishes, and break out of their shells. Despite the fantasy elements inserted, the story feels very real and has great dramatic moments. rivai-lution paints powerful images of what’s going on the mind of someone with TBI. She also did a good job with depicting a mute character’s expressions and their effort to communicate their strong emotions. The only weak point one could perhaps point out is the queerly defiant persona Levi was given at the end of the story, but it could be seen as an extension of his rebellious nature.  You can listen to an awesome fanmix inspired by the story here. From the 2nd chapter:

Levi looked up at him then, solemn, and nodded. He sat up a bit, and Erwin let his arm fall slightly, allowing him whatever room he need to maneuver, assuming that story time was over and Levi would find his way back to his bed. Instead, Levi swung his leg over so he was straddling Erwin’s lap and stared into his eyes, the light from the bedside lamp bathing his pale form in it’s soft, buttery glow. Erwin swallowed thickly and began to ask a question, but Levi’s thin brows quirked downward into a reproach, and he managed to bite back his protestations. He sat quietly, then, as those soft fingers fluttered over his cheeks, traced the curve of his nose, pushed up through his hair and came back, one hand following the cut of his jaw, the other tracing the shell of his ear. Levi seemed to be almost cataloging him, his eyes sliding over Erwin’s features slowly, inch by inch, each detail taken in one bit at a time. He let his eyes slip closed as those light, soft touches moved across his brows and down his eyelids, across his lips and he suddenly realized they were rough, chapped, and it made him conscious of them for the first time in…months, really. He hadn’t given a damn about his lips or any other part of his body, not since his mind had betrayed him so.


7. If you’re in for some feels, from those that hurt and yet give you a twisted sort of pleasure, I recommend At Least We Have Each Other (1 chapter, 2134 words) by Titanbooty. Erwin and Levi are literally old men living together in modern AU, where Erwin was a horse breeder and Levi a jockey. Their body pains, their quirks and memories is all they have. Have the tissues nearby. Read an excerpt:

“Remember when we met?” A low voice, barely above a whisper, makes its way to Erwin’s lips.

Levi fidgets under the blanket.

“Of course I do. I’m not that old.”

“What like me?”

Levi doesn’t open his eyes, but he knows Erwin is smiling at him. Not the same smile that made him fall in love with him; a more familiar one, fashioned just for Levi, but with less teeth. Erwin has been in love with Levi for a long time, and has known him for even longer. He knows that when Levi isn’t talking it doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking. But it also doesn’t mean he is eventually going to say something.


8. Rosemary (1 chapter, 16515 words) by ImperialMint is part of eruri week 2013, silence speaks for me, part 7 to be exact. They are self-contained stories, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t read the rest. For starters, she’s done something very clever and very japanese-like, ie. name each part as a flower. In the language of flowers rosemary is a call to remember, a pray for love, which fits to a T with the reincarnation theme ImperialMist explores here. Erwin is thirty-six-year-old CEO with two daughters. When he married, Levi was nowhere to be seen and he loved his wife a lot. Fastforward some years and although they still respect one another a lot, the flame isn’t there any longer, and there’s a 20-something neighbor who has no idea of his past life. What is Erwin to do? I adore the subdued atmosphere in this one with all the right doses of tension and elation. I appreciate a lot that Erwin maintains a good relationship with his ex-wife, too. Get some taste here:

Erwin moved to the kitchen and was joined shortly by her, her eyes glinting and smirk on her lips.

“So that’s Levi,” she said. Erwin looked at her sharply, recognising the tone and instantly on alert. When she used that particular tone, she knew too much.

“Yes,” Erwin said tightly, passing her a mug of coffee. They moved to the dining room, the spring in his ex-wife’s step clear. She definitely knew too much.

“The girls love him. Even Ellie’s been telling me all about the mysterious Mr. Levi.” She took a dainty sip and Erwin shifted in his chair. This was worse than any interrogation he’d ever gone through in his past life.

“And Petra outright wants to marry him. Or she would, but she’s informed me that she won’t be able to as papa’s going to be the one to marry Levi.” She smiled widely and Erwin’s cheeks darkened under her gaze.


9. The Field Notes by 100demons is a funny ficlet (821 words) written through Hanji’s POV. I was rolling on the floor with Hanji’s hyperactivity, curiosity and quirkiness and how well it was adapted in a diary format. She wants to spy on our two gross old men to find out what’s going on between them. Everything for… science, of course!


Caught Levi coming back from one of his games of ‘chess’ with the Commander, with his shirt untucked and a mark on his throat. Very suspicious. Looked almost happy.

Not very.

EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS. Answers must be had. Safety secondary to question of what exactly is going on between Levi and Commander???


10. Fanfictions are known as synonymous to smut (lemons as once upon a time people called them) and I think this list doesn’t have much PWP, so I should fix this somehow. The Other Side Of This Night by NanakiBH is an extended delicious oneshot (10221 words) that continues onto Film Reel Life (6 chapters, 18458 words). Erwin is a businessman and evi works at a video rental. One night Levi follows him outside of a bar and initiates an unforgettable night that won’t stay “just another one night stand”. I’m not into fisting in general, but it worked with these two. The writing could be better at some points, particularly in Film Reel Life, where I felt it dragged a bit too long or was tad akward, but it’s good enough and an introvert Levi who’s also shameless in bed is kinda hot. Plus I totally understand Levi when it comes to big hands o////o Here’s an excerpt from The Other Side Of This Night:

Levi wiggled toward the edge of the bed. “It’s a pretty fancy place, you know? I just wanted to know what you were doing in a place like that with a guy I didn’t recognize.”

“You were stalking me.”

“It was just last night! And you can’t blame me! I couldn’t believe that you could stomach your food sitting in front of a guy that pig disgusting! I just… had to make sure I hadn’t been beaten to you by a guy like that.”

Erwin couldn’t help it. He was beaming. “So you weren’t stalking me. You were just burning with jealousy. Got it.”

“I don’t know what I thought I saw in you,” Levi said, glowering at him. “You’re insufferable, aren’t you?”

Film Reel Life does contain explicit sex scenes, too, but its charm lies more in the fluff small everyday things it describes as Levi bears his soul little by little and they become a cute silly couple deep in love. Some lines from it:

He turned around, almost dropping the TV remote when he saw Levi walk in, toweling his hair, wearing one of the white, button-down shirts he wore for work.

“Oh yeah, I hope you don’t mind. I didn’t feel like putting my other clothes back on and I saw this sitting around so.” Levi paused, eyes narrowing at him. He must have noticed the way he was trying to avert his eyes, tempted to stare at his bare legs. “You can ogle me. That’s why I put this on.”

“I thought you said it was because you didn’t want put your other clothes back on yet.”

“Just testing to see if you could hear me,” Levi said with a small smirk.


P.S.: I spent a good two months reading, watching, writing this post; I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Have fun shipping!!!



Take your pen and write your story, co-traveler~

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