The Red String: 3. Erwin x Levi

Best Cosplay: The one and only OriSor from Serbia, consisted of Dantelian/Delusor (Damien Valtiel), Alambresion/Ori (Borivoje Naumovski), Mistiqarts (Mina Petrovic) as well as a couple more people behind the scenes. The materials they use for the costumes look pretty neat and their photo quality is very good. They offer some delicious nudity, too! You can support their awesomeness by becoming their patron. Rumors have it Damien and Borivoje met through their cosplay and fell in love! The power of fangasming is not to be underestimated. I just melt at such stories, not least because they resemble ours. I wish those pals and gals the best ❤

Best Fanartists

1. The queen crown goes to Aileine because she’s both very talented but also unbelievably prolific. Her artwork is very close to the original while playing with the colors and textures creating magic. She draws single pictures and mini comics and her content ranges from sweetly dramatic to hilariously funny to utterly sexy. She’s responsible for the prison AU.

2. Next place goes to hamletmachine and onorobo, the ladies most known for Starfighter. Both have a delicate line work that gives a dreamy eathereality and fragility to Erwin’s and Levi’s relationship. Hamletmachine uses flat muted digital colors and angular lines and onoboro uses more vivid watercolors with round lines.

3. Place no.3 is shared between xyuwa and 35grams. They are the best when it comes to portraying toned bodies entangled in hot messy sex. 35grams’ art has a bit bolder line work and she has experimented with smoking hot, delicious gifs. Xyuwa’s is radiating more light and has thinner line work. They are behind the kinky priest AU.

4. If you’re looking for handsome realistic art of Erwin x Levi, look no further than M (mstrmagnolia) and KAZEKI, who sadly has put down every site of hers after art theft incidents. I’ve been disinterested in hyperrealistic art the last years mostly because it gives off a fakeness or it could be the uncunny valley, not sure. But these two artists manage to nail it, to make it feel real and not distant. I just love how they draw their faces.

5. I have a sweet spot in my heart for art that uses traditional media or textures. Lehanan Aida and sennfan do exactly this with a color pencil effect that just gets me. Plus excellent anatomy. I’m very fond of stereowire as well. Her style looks like acrylics and many times the colors are “dirty” in an Egon Schiele way. I just love the raw feeling it gives off.

Honorable mentionspandanoi, kisu-no-hisu-kichuya, lesmoulesfebrueruriSABA, skull9k,  Tizz, AREST, maino_merry,  ruru, lps, chiruchiru, LMC



Best Minicomics

  1. The trimming by Mr. Smith by  ジョー: One of the most sensual things I’ve ever come across. Predatory gazes laden with lust, electrifying touches full of restrained possession. For Levi to let someone so close in his personal space… this is definitely Important Haircut TM.
  2. In times I have these ugly feelings I’m glad you’re here to keep me whole by ailene: dramatic hypothetical conversations between lovers can only be bad for your OTP heart. tag: #when you start realizing the true meaning of otp
  3. The moment I fell for you by ghostsjogging: their first time and the blooming of trust. I’m in love with the colors in this one.
  4. “We’re only human” by kisu-no-hi: Commander needs a hug. Erwin needs Levi and Levi is his supporting cornerstone. Great panelling here.
  5. Erwin x Levi by Joanna Estep: More hugs and skinship consolation for the Commander of our hearts. Beautiful expressions and body poses.
  6. Levi’s nightmares by almightyp: Angst in spades but now it’s Erwin’s time to cure Levi’s wounds. The wounds of the body are nothing in front of the wounds of the soul. Striking colors and surreal sequences make this short comic a stunner.
  7. Kiss by H-eichi/hitomi: a 4-page that sums up everything this woman’s art is. 4 pages for a kiss! I love every panel. I bow to her majesty (see next page for more).
  8. A Summer festival by ruru: veterans went out for drinks, Levi got drank, his husband carries him safely back to their bed. Make sure to read the captions!
  9. Eyefucks by xyuwa: some conniving Erwin undressing Levi with his eyes.
  10. Happy birthday, Stereobone! by onorobo & Hamletmachine: top heads in the eruri fandom bathe on another in love ❤ BDSM time.

Bonus: Hange sometimes does impressions by DYFM: I admit this isn’t exactly eruri but it does include them and it’s hilarious. I was laughing so hard, my belly hurt.


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