Mystic Gaia Mix


If you’re too busy or broke to go in the countryside, you can connect with nature through some earthy sounds. Fetch the soothing mix here.


5 thoughts on “Mystic Gaia Mix

  1. I love this picture! Yes!

    Great music selection – thank you for putting it together! Many of the tracks I know, but some were new! My favorite is number four: Diving – Arjuna!


    • Glad you liked the picture 🙂 I’m into monster girls lately :3 (though I don’t follow Monster Musume) and I think it fits the wilderness theme I selected.

      Arjuna has a good OST and it’s to be expected since it’s by Yoko Kanno, but the series didn’t take off for a reason probably. I tried watching it but it didn’t click.

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  2. Diggin’ it, mate – the music serves as a great complement to Basho’s work (such as “Under My Tree-Roof”). Thanks for introducing me to this! ^.^


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