My Waifus and Husbandos

male harem

Erwin Smith from Attack on Titan, the man with the thick eyebrows, had me with his strategic mind and his looks that resemble the super hot Chris Evans in Captain America. This man holds the dream of liberation, isn’t afraid of making sacrifices but at the same time values his subordinates a lot. He knows how to inspire the crowds and I know his naked well-sculpted body with the uniform marks is equally inspiring to my female boner.

My sweet child, Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter, is sure to become an awesome man once he grows up a little more. I mean, just look at his abs at the age of 14; they make you a sinner. He’s the ex-bad boy with the cutest little mug ever. His cat-like features are a huge part of his charm -damn moe! He might have been an assassin and doesn’t hesitate to threaten or kill someone when needed, but he’s a very loyal friend and would make as much a caring lover as he is a brother. He’s also quite fashionable.

Sorata Arisugawa from X is a funny and very tender fellow. He has a way of warming his way into your heart even if you try to dismiss him as a persistent “thug”. When he get serious, he’s fearsome. He’s also very observant and empathetic. Sorata is a Buddhist monk, but it doesn’t look or even act the part except from his incantations -which is good, since I’m an atheist and we would get along fine. He seems to value physical intimacy a lot, so we’re on the same page.

Another strategist in my list, Anubituf from Simoun is the captain of Arcus Prima. Much like Erwin Smith, he weighs wisely the advantages and disadvantages and acts accordingly. He might appear cold-hearted but he really has the best in mind. A cold-hearted leader wouldn’t join their underlings in a battle after all. In contrast to Erwin, he’s lanky and beautifully androgynous probably due to having formerly a woman physique as to his universe laws.

Let’s forget that he smokes for a second -and damn he even makes smoking appear classy. Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop is the epitome of cool. He moves like water and is generally an easygoing person except when it comes to his past. Being broody adds another layer of sexiness to him in a way. Fluffy hair I wanna put my hands into, a tie I want to pull and a shirt to unbutton, Spike Spiegel is the kind of man I lust after for short sex adventures in back alleys.

Ginko from Mushishi on the other hand is someone you want as companion. He is someone whom you wouldn’t consider as handsome at first sight, but he certainly is. His low serene voice has both calming and arousing qualities. Ginko’s interesting both as a story-teller and as a traveling buddy. He looks stoic as a result of having encountered so many people and nature’s phenomena, but he hasn’t lost that wonder of the new or the love and respect towards both humans and mushi.

Takeru Takaishi or T.K. from Digimon is the bearer of the hope crest. He grew up to be a writer, so I guess he has his way with words -always a plus for a romantic partner. As a youngster he was a passionate fighter and also a caring teammate. Because he’s been through loss, he can get very offensive towards what he perceives as evil, but he also knows to give second chances to those who are remorseful.

I knew I’d add someone from La Corda D’ Oro in this list way before I sat to write it down, but I wasn’t sure who. For a long time I had my eyes on Yunoki Azuma, the two-faced bocchan with a hurtful past, or even Len Tsukimori, the strict but lonely tsundere.  Ryoutarou Tsuchiura though was and is true “husband material”. As I got older and a feminist, I kinda outgrew bad boys fantasies. Ryo is tall, tanned and mildly muscular because he plays football, good at sciences and a great cook. And a talented pianist who looks good in everything.

Rakushun from 12 Kingdoms is a great advisor. Throughout the series he’s supported with patience and a good heart Youko and Shoukei. He loves studying and learning, so I could use his help to keep me more focused and bring out the best of me. Rakushun is half-human half-beast so he prefers assuming the form of a rat since he isn’t very fond of clothes. I wouldn’t mind him walking naked around me though.

Lastly, I present you Rumaty Ivan Di Raginei from Hanasakeru Seishounen, prince of a Middle Eastern land. He’s a soft-hearted, rebellious boy who wants peace and justice for his kingdom. He was whimsical at first but gradually matured. He denounced the headcover as a symbol of his country turning a new leaf -and I can’t agree more since I despise religion much more when it is the law. He’s got long hair which he usually ties in ponytail and blue persistent eyes. He’s the rebel of my heart.


11 thoughts on “My Waifus and Husbandos

  1. Horo! I love Horo! I have not even seen all the episodes of the series, but I just love her! hehe

    Let’s see, who else… That’s an interesting list – I don’t know many of the characters featured here that well. Ran Tsukikage! Yeah, probably her! It sounds like she appreciates sake just like I appreciate tea! 😛

    Rumaty! Li Ren Fang is actually on my list of husbands! haha


    • I was just thinking of you!

      ❤ you should probably finish the series at some point; although the S2 ends on cliffhanger, I think it's worth your time 🙂

      Li Ren sure was popular hehe. I wasn't fond of his tsundereness and Eugene is an homme fatale so that's why Rumaty with his youthfulness and kindness won my heart 😛

      I need to go back to your list to refresh my memory. Thanks for dropping by!


  2. I wanna cosplay as Anubituf someday. He’s got style. (Do we know if he was an Auriga or Sagitta back in the day?)

    Do you specify between pre-Kizumonogatari and post-Bakemonogatari Shinobu?


    • He seems to me he must have been an auriga. I haven’t stumbled any official info though. He’s definitely cool. You should search for Nishida’s illustrations of him and Guragief if you haven’t already.

      I surely admire powerful women, but I’m not into huge boobs. As I said in the post I like her teen form (perhaps a bit older). As for her character, perhaps post-Bakemonogatari? Her interaction with the rest of the cast appears to have a good impact on her.


  3. Love the selections! I somehow forgot to put Ginko on mine and am now kicking myself for that. I’ve never fangirled over him exactly, but if you asked me to pick an anime husbando, it’d be a hard choice between Chichiri and Ginko (and again with the damn eye thing! Like, how is that even A Thing?).

    I also echo Frog-kun and applaud your choice of Saki. Always nice to see SSY getting some love. It’s such an underrated show, and she was a great MC. The humanity and realism of the characters did a lot to ground the story and made it so much more than “just another dystopic sci-fi,” IMO.


    • If you aren’t a CLAMP fan yet, consider it seriously. You’ll have a field trip with the eye thing with them 😛

      SSY is for me along Hyouka a masterpiece of the last decade. The only reason I haven’t reviewed it properly is that others have done so much better than me and I find it exceptionally difficult to review it with no spoilers.


  4. Wow, Ran and Horo – as Frog-kun said, you have impeccable taste! Ran instantly became a favorite character of mine, because she’s the sort of character who recognizes herself as a “flawed” character (yeah, she drinks), but she also sees the virtues of pursuing something as an art. Sake-making is more than simply getting drunk; great sake takes a lot of time to produce, and that in itself is an art form, something she respects and appreciates. Ran does not want to waste great sake on any random occasion; she sees it as something for special moments in one’s life, to be shared with friends and new acquaintances.


    • Thanks~
      Ran is a sake appreciator for sure, but it does appear she wants it in more than special occasions. It’s like the proverbial apple a day for her, hehe. I’m glad she holds her liquor well though. She rarely gets drunk. I’m looking forward to reading more of your analysis posts on her series 😉


      • I’ll certainly write more. 😛 Tsukikage Ran is definitely a show that (I believe, anyway) needs more attention.


  5. Such impeccable taste in waifus and husbandos! Although I am a bit concerned about the presence of Killua and T.K. on your list 😛

    I’m really happy you have Saki first on your waifu list. Shinsekai Yori is often criticised for not having good characters, but I thought the characterisation worked exceedingly well in the story. Saki wasn’t just a blank slate. She reacted to her situation like a real person would, and you got the feeling that she lived her own life outside the story, one that simply wasn’t the focus of the anime itself. There was a lot of subtext in her relationships, but you got enough of a sense of them to understand how she became the person she was. What I admire most about her was her ability to make difficult choices in a very difficult world.

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