My Waifus and Husbandos

artemis by dumonchelle asher

Lovely Dee from the josei next door tagged me on her tumblr blog to confess my anime and manga crushes, so here I am with… 2 lists please -one with my female harem and one for the male one. *drum roll*

female harem

First of the ladies to catch my heart comes Saki Watanabe from Shin Sekai Yori. The reason I proritized her over Horo, is that she reminds me of Hikari Yagami from Digimon, my very first crush on a female character. I preferred to put her instead of Hikari on the list because she’s everything Hikari was, and way more fleshed out as a character. She’s decisive and persistent at her pursuits, all the while being compassionate and radiating trust. She’s a mature leader who brings hope and I’d follow her to the end of the world.

Horo from Spice & Wolf shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone who’s followed me over the years or even to someone who’s just read the About Me page. She’s witty, she’s pretty, she’s vulnerable and strong. Her design from the first season is especially attractive as it gives a depth to her wonderful scarlet eyes and lets on her wisdom. Her ears and tail are adorable, too; don’t look at me like that, I’m not a furry, ok?  And she loves apples -I generally love fruits and we could drink apple juice and some apple cider to our hearts’ content while teasing each other.

Shinobu Oshino, former Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade, from Bakemonogatari shares many common traits with Horo. They are powerful beings who have fallen from grace, in a human disguise that is way younger than their true form. They both have sharp tongue, but they aren’t wild tsundere.  And they are assertive and can use their feminine wiles to enchant you. I’m fond of her teen looks, both because she doesn’t have huge breasts and because her fashion sense speaks volumes about herself. Her sportive attire and ponytail says she’s ready to kick some asses, but you’ve got to reward her with doughnuts afterwards.

I’m not the person who would sacrifice personal time for work, but Hiroko Matsutaka from Hataraki Man is a person who could bring out the best of me. She’s really hard-working and surely an inspiring person to live with. I’d probably have her quit smoking, and I’m not sure how I’d cope with her lack of free time, but I’d love to be there for her, support her both with good food and encouraging words. It’s the type of person I’d probably would be content just to sleep with in a hug.

When I was a teen I realized I had a thing for people with curly hair. I find Karen Kasumi from X particularly sexy basically for this reason. Ok, and her taste in lingerie is impeccable. She’s also a very sensitive soul, who needs to be given love and understand she’s valued. She’s got a way to connect to those around her and find the good in them. The only doubt I have is how we’d work out our religious differences.

I might not have enjoyed Red Garden as a whole, but Claire Forrest had my full attention. She’s a proud and capable person, who despite having an affluent financial background she denounced it to live a harder but independent life. During the series she’s shown to not disclose easily her troubles, but she make up by being a resilient and adaptive person. She dresses more casually and tomboyish than the other three but she does have a fashion taste as implied by her colorful tights, scarves or belts. She’s sassier and more-extrovert in the film, but no less lovely.

Oh, Ran Tsukikage, the handsome samurai! She’s a bit of a drinker but that aside she’s badass and gorgeous. She’ll pretend she doesn’t care, but she won’t tolerate injustice. Her voice is low and sweet, something that intoxicates me. Ran is implied to have run away from her family and surely is someone who carves her own path in life; in that aspect I admire her a lot. She takes joy in simple things, like a nap on a sunny day, and I wouldn’t mind accompanying her in her travels as long as she didn’t abuse my wallet.

Then we have another fighting woman, Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist. Yup, I like her more than Roy somehow. She’s got more personality than her partner in crime. She’s reliable both as a bodyguard and as a confidant, she’s very intelligent and cool overall. I like her strict attitude towards work and that at the same time she can have a restricted yet good sense of humor. Riza has a very strong resolve and her ideals might be a priority but with a firm grasp of reality. She’s also well-built and I found her short hair rather appealing.

Sailor Moon has a wide cast of beauties and it’s difficult to pick one, but I ended selecting Taiki Kou. She’s got beautiful purple eyes like Saturn, brains like Ami, and style and a similarly aloof air with Michiru (in the manga her suit isn’t that garrish banana of the anime so don’t talk bad about her taste). She values logic a lot but she also loves poetry which goes to say she isn’t a stone cold operating machine. She also plays the guitar.

Kohane Tsuyuri from xxxholic is someone whom we meet as a small girl who’s perceptive not just in the supernatural sense but also of the human psyche. Despite her age back then she understood she was being in a sense abused and was willing to pursue her freedom. She was also mature enough not so seek revenge. She’s the sensitive and tough woman I get attracted to. As an adult we unfortunately don’t see her much, but she’s grown up to be a really beautiful woman with traditionally feminine features and determined eyes.


11 thoughts on “My Waifus and Husbandos

  1. Horo! I love Horo! I have not even seen all the episodes of the series, but I just love her! hehe

    Let’s see, who else… That’s an interesting list – I don’t know many of the characters featured here that well. Ran Tsukikage! Yeah, probably her! It sounds like she appreciates sake just like I appreciate tea! 😛

    Rumaty! Li Ren Fang is actually on my list of husbands! haha


    • I was just thinking of you!

      ❤ you should probably finish the series at some point; although the S2 ends on cliffhanger, I think it's worth your time 🙂

      Li Ren sure was popular hehe. I wasn't fond of his tsundereness and Eugene is an homme fatale so that's why Rumaty with his youthfulness and kindness won my heart 😛

      I need to go back to your list to refresh my memory. Thanks for dropping by!


  2. I wanna cosplay as Anubituf someday. He’s got style. (Do we know if he was an Auriga or Sagitta back in the day?)

    Do you specify between pre-Kizumonogatari and post-Bakemonogatari Shinobu?


    • He seems to me he must have been an auriga. I haven’t stumbled any official info though. He’s definitely cool. You should search for Nishida’s illustrations of him and Guragief if you haven’t already.

      I surely admire powerful women, but I’m not into huge boobs. As I said in the post I like her teen form (perhaps a bit older). As for her character, perhaps post-Bakemonogatari? Her interaction with the rest of the cast appears to have a good impact on her.


  3. Love the selections! I somehow forgot to put Ginko on mine and am now kicking myself for that. I’ve never fangirled over him exactly, but if you asked me to pick an anime husbando, it’d be a hard choice between Chichiri and Ginko (and again with the damn eye thing! Like, how is that even A Thing?).

    I also echo Frog-kun and applaud your choice of Saki. Always nice to see SSY getting some love. It’s such an underrated show, and she was a great MC. The humanity and realism of the characters did a lot to ground the story and made it so much more than “just another dystopic sci-fi,” IMO.


    • If you aren’t a CLAMP fan yet, consider it seriously. You’ll have a field trip with the eye thing with them 😛

      SSY is for me along Hyouka a masterpiece of the last decade. The only reason I haven’t reviewed it properly is that others have done so much better than me and I find it exceptionally difficult to review it with no spoilers.


  4. Wow, Ran and Horo – as Frog-kun said, you have impeccable taste! Ran instantly became a favorite character of mine, because she’s the sort of character who recognizes herself as a “flawed” character (yeah, she drinks), but she also sees the virtues of pursuing something as an art. Sake-making is more than simply getting drunk; great sake takes a lot of time to produce, and that in itself is an art form, something she respects and appreciates. Ran does not want to waste great sake on any random occasion; she sees it as something for special moments in one’s life, to be shared with friends and new acquaintances.


    • Thanks~
      Ran is a sake appreciator for sure, but it does appear she wants it in more than special occasions. It’s like the proverbial apple a day for her, hehe. I’m glad she holds her liquor well though. She rarely gets drunk. I’m looking forward to reading more of your analysis posts on her series 😉


      • I’ll certainly write more. 😛 Tsukikage Ran is definitely a show that (I believe, anyway) needs more attention.


  5. Such impeccable taste in waifus and husbandos! Although I am a bit concerned about the presence of Killua and T.K. on your list 😛

    I’m really happy you have Saki first on your waifu list. Shinsekai Yori is often criticised for not having good characters, but I thought the characterisation worked exceedingly well in the story. Saki wasn’t just a blank slate. She reacted to her situation like a real person would, and you got the feeling that she lived her own life outside the story, one that simply wasn’t the focus of the anime itself. There was a lot of subtext in her relationships, but you got enough of a sense of them to understand how she became the person she was. What I admire most about her was her ability to make difficult choices in a very difficult world.

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