Pixelated Dreams & Nightmares: An Interview with Dreaming Games


Blue Dreams

(N): Blue Dreams is your third, yet unpublished game. Could you give us a little insight on what the game will be about?

(A): It’s a bit tough to say because I’m remaking the concept from the beginning. Previously, Trass began writing and planning it soon after Dreaming Mary came out, but after Painted Heart I took over. It’s a struggle right now for me to find the right themes and subjects to explore in the game from a young boy’s perspective, but the main concepts Trass gave were “truth/lies”, “doing the same thing over and over again”, and “family”. Blue Dreams is the first step to exploring the “real world” instead of the “dream world” in the games’ series, and like in Dreaming Mary, my goal is to make players question their preconceptions.

(N): You’ve said that you’re not going to publish any demo version of Blue Dreams. Are you against demos in general?

(A): I simply don’t think it’s worth the time and effort to create a demo version, considering how short my games are and how they’ll be following the same sort of format. Demos work well for larger projects which need a much longer time to complete their games, but for me, any time I spend working on a demo is time I could be spending on the actual game. From the start I’d already decided that Dreaming Mary is my demo, since my real goal was to create the sequel game Illusory Garden. I have to finish Blue Dreams and Cage Witch (Trass’s concept games) first though, which will help in building up experience for these longer projects.

(N): Where do you look for inspiration?

(A): Music, writing, and art of course! It’s a bit cheesy, but I also pull ideas from dreams.

(N): From all the characters you’ve created, which one do you identify with the most, who do you think would be a great person to hang out with and who should be boiled down in hell’s hottest pot?


“Accha and Trass”

(A): I think you had someone specific in mind for that last one, eh? (Neko-chi’s note: oh yes I did) It’s probably obvious that I identify with Mari most. The one I think would be fun to hang out with is Agiel — after all, he’s handsome, sort of naked, and has a great sense of humor! As for the one I’d boil, I think I’d choose Cor out of spite.

(N): What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow your steps?

(A): Start off small and work your way to bigger things! I’ve heard many times that the biggest mistake of new game devs is they immediately want to make an 8 hour epic without ever having made anything before. At that point ideas are all one has, even though they’re nothing but vapor that you need to solidify with programming, code, storywriting, and eventing. Even graphics and music are just things you need at the end of development.

(N): Fanboy/girl question: name your top 5 list of all time favorite games.

(A): This list isn’t presented in any specific order:

(N): Thank you for this great interview. Any last words you wish to share with our readers?

(A): Thanks for having me, and many thanks to your readers as well! I suppose the last thing I’d like to say is that it’s important to work towards your goals, but it’s also important to enjoy yourself while you do. Good luck, and keep moving forward!


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