Pixelated Dreams & Nightmares: An Interview with Dreaming Games

a1612271878_10(N): Now I’d like to turn the focus on Dreaming Mary. Though it’s equally cute and pretty, it feels like a much darker story in comparison to Painted Heart. Which of the two settings reflects how you want to establish your brand in the following years the most?

(A): This is tough! I’m versatile when it comes to illustrations, but for stories I can only create grimdark/faux-academic work, which is depressing in a number of ways. Because of my writing style, though, the better games I write for and direct will most likely continue to have those darker and possibly upsetting stories.

(N): I think of Dreaming Mary as more frightening than most other games of its genre because of its -visual- cuteness. One doesn’t expect the darkness that hides underneath the surface. Do you think of this as one of the game’s strongest points?

(A): I do consider it the game’s strongest impact, as it’s something I tried hard to craft in both the advertising of the game and in its art direction. I really wanted people to come into the game a little scornful of it and then be surprised by its real nature, which I think actually did happen for some players. If nothing else, just the fact that this bright pink cover gets lined up with dark, blood-splattered screens in the horror game category makes it seem a little more interesting, I suppose.


I really love Dreaming Mary’s art style. It trult separates this title from the competition.

(N): If you could go back and work again on your older projects, would you do anything differently?

(A): I would definitely make the dialogue of Boaris from Dreaming Mary more subtle, as I got a ton of flak for using his creepo cliche lines. Even I cringe each time I see it. In Painted Heart, I really wish I had brought Chaude in earlier for the story, as I’m pretty terrible at writing adventures and character interactions.

(N): I am sure other people have told you so, but music is one of your games’ most amazing virtues. How much work do you put on it and what more would you like to add in future soundtracks?

(A): Trass is my amazing composer. I did have the honor of making vocal melodies for the title theme and good end theme, but the music proper is all his work.

(T): Music is basically all I do so… I guess the work put into music in Dreaming Mary, for example, is more or less as much work as the work put into the game’s graphics. I put all my love of the game into the music I made so I would say I worked quite hard with the soundtrack! My goal in the future is to make an even larger OST for our next games (which hopefully will be even longer as well).


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