Happy New 2015!



It’s been 5 years already can you believe it? Thanks a lot to everyone still being with us despite our irregular schedule! Thanks for reading, liking and commenting; feedback is always great to have. It is very rewarding after spending lots of hours to create content and this is our source of joy and pride. It really means a lot for us. I hope that even though it’s become increasingly difficult to maintain this hobby of ours, that we’ll be here for at least the next five years. Our output might be reduced to 1-2 posts per month probably, but we’ll persevere. Cheers, my dear friends and readers!

Don’t forget there’s a blog carnival coming up in two weeks about female goth mangaka: Mizuno Junko, Mitsukazu Mihara, Asumiko Nakamura, Fujiwara Kaoru and Kusumoto Maki. Please let me know if you’d like to participate!

Moreover, please answer the poll on the sidebar. We need the feedback to make the blog pleasant for you, too!

If you want to read more about this year’s balance and future endevours… 

Personal whereabouts

You might have noticed the blog went into slumber between April and June. That’s because Foxy Lady Ayame started having panic attacks and fell into depression thus went on medication. Living in her ‘family’ is a really hard thing to do with all the sexist, racist and homophobic stuff she has to bear during meal times -yes, even during breakfast. So things have been piling up and she broke down; occasionally that’s unfortunately still the case, but she’s hanging in there in the best of her efforts. Being the main writer of our internetic home, meant a small hiatus.

During Fall she had the chance to attend a seminar and train herself as Betreuungskraft (=personal for assistive company) for old people with dementia. This was quite energy-draining both psychologically and physically for a number of reasons: she’s still working at the foreign language school (though for less hours than the previous 2 years); she had to accompany the tourists sometimes for more than 5 hours in certain excursions; the organisation was problematic because this was a pilot project happening for the first time in Europe; we had one case of a lady that she was going through transition from stage 1 to stage 2 of frontotemporal dementia and she had difficulties communicating her needs; and the list goes on. Of course, Ayame got in return much love from the people she accompanied, which made up for almost everything else.

Neko-chi decided that she wants to live her life as a woman, and that’s why you’ll see the suffix and pronouns changed, so please adress her accordingly. This is particular hard when she’s unemployed since the start of last year and has to live with her not-so-accepting parents. The good thing is our friends are very supportive so she gets chances where she dresses as she pleases. This is also one reason why the trans-awareness content on our blog has increased. We’re very glad that the Trans Manga Masterpost is fairing very well in views and we hope that “What’s this trans thing?” will steadily find the recognition it deserves.

In all this mess, we were engaged just before Foxy Lady had panic attacks. This was a small gesture towards one another that acts like a promise for the near future. We cross our fingers we’ll find the way to be finally together and safe, and live the life we want.

What was left behind

There are two things that are boldly observable: a. the quantity of anime reviewed and generally discussed is steeply reduced, b. old columns were hardly renewed.

Firstly, we’ve decided there’s no antagonizing big -episodic- blogs, we never had such hopes from the beginning. We can’t produce content almost on a daily basis both time-wise and quality-wise. There are billion stories in many media and if we don’t have to offer something fresh and different, even slightly, there’s no point in using our time this way. 12 Days of Christmas is exhausting on itself, so it will remain the only tradition where we pressure ourselves creatively. Anime have been restricted relatively exclusively in this project, though it’s unsure if things will remain the same.

Secondly, columns like The Red String, Left Unsaid, Asian Artists and Judge it by its Cover didn’t renew throughout the year. The same goes for the GL, BL and CLAMP reviews. Oh and the redisgned Fanfictions. With the exception with Left Unsaid whose content needs way more effort to produce, we can confidently say you’ll see a comeback for the rest.

What was also not there were the fairy-tale focused posts and webcomics reviews that we had announced. Foxy Lady did start reading some early this year and wrote a few words for a couple of weeks but she didn’t come to love something so much so as to review it properly. The ongoing status of many is not helping much either. The section on the menu where I had some webcomic ads was removed after the suspension of the blog for advertising an erotic webcomic site -should have read more carefully the mature content prescriptions of WordPress. So, to be safe, everything got removed. We intend to publish a 2-3 posts that are fairy tale-centered and about webcomics if everything goes well. You never know what might come up, therefore promises are restrained this year.

What’s new and planned

There are 3 new columns: Rainbow Cinema, about lgbtq films, Fanart Fangasm, where awesome fanarts are ensembled by fandom, and Interviews from miscellaneous artists. Rainbow Cinema will update more rarely than Fanart Fangasm, since we group review films -usually per five. Fanart Fangasm is going to feature only the big anime franchises/ famous titles, since there is more material for discussion, but of course, it isn’t possible to do so for every big name, because Ayame has either not watched them all or the fanartists haven’t offered something more than skilled shipping or character-worshiping works. For example, Hunter x Hunter has very few fanarts that aren’t GonxKillua, KurapikaxChrollo/ Leorio, HisokaxIllumi -you get the point. Yet what Ayame wants to highlight with this series is color and frame experimentation. Lastly, Interviews is a column initiated by Neko-chi, but Ayame will also promote 1-2 people. All of them are people we admire and have some sort of recognition, smaller or bigger on their field, be it original video games or fanworks.

You must have noticed that Neko-chi is also the voice of everything horror and mecha on our blog. She’s been writing more about video/pc games lately, thus making a new opening towards one more audience. Expect from her reviews on indie horror games like Ib and Mad Father soon. Ayame has purchased Child of Light, Transistor, Machinarium, Botanicula and Violet, and when she comes to play them, she’ll probably review them. Additionally, she’s started Katawa Shoujo and she really likes its respectful approach to disability. We hope you embrace this ‘opening’ and support us.

We’ve prettied up our blog; just take a look at the social media icons and the many commissions of our avatars. We’ve changed theme and this year all the themes will be from sci-fi stories in preparation for changes in our futures and as a reminder of hope. Casshern Sins was a series with bad script but great atmosphere and it’s about trusting and forging new relationships when everything around you fall apart. We’ve been through the past year, thus setting this as theme signifies our positive expectations of the future despite any loses that might come along the way.

Don’t forget to look at our little tumblrs (links again on the sidebar) about Go Nagai, Mari Okazaki and THE yuri quartet (Akiko Morishima, Amano Shuninta, Aoki Mitsue and Fujio). Go Nagai renews frequently but the other two will need some time to be filled with reviews and new pictures.


New blogs you should be reading

We usually find a chance to mention new or newly-found bloggers when there’s an award nomination. Since this year there’s no such thing anywhere in sight, we decided to recommend some here. As usually, we won’t mention blogs already mentioned in past occasions.

And Kitsune from Kitsune’s thoughts is back!



6 thoughts on “Happy New 2015!

  1. Five years! No, I can’t believe it! Time flies so fast!

    I wish you the next five or more productive years! Don’t worry about the irregular schedule! I know that all your posts are of high quality and may take time to write, and life tends to interfere sometimes!

    A few posts per month is reasonable. Also, it helps to prevent the burnout – some people enforce too strict of a schedule on themselves and suffer as a consequence. It is kind of like exercise: if you do too much, you’ll be unable to maintain a steady habit.

    Sure! I voted on your poll!

    What an eventful year for you both! It sounds like Ayame had especially hard time. Neko-chi made a brave decision! Some of my friends did the same in 2014 – it is a difficult transition. I am not sure how insurance works in your country, but, once you find a job, it might be possible that it will cover some procedures, if you decide to undergo them. Hopefully, the bad things will remain in the past, and the new year will bring more joy and less stress!

    I am glad that some of your key posts are gaining attention and raising the trans-awareness! 🙂

    Congratulations on your engagement! It is an important step in solidifying and reaffirming your commitment, even among the adversity you both face! 😀

    haha That twin picture! Aha! I see a bladeless fan! It is a real thing actually. They invented this a few years ago, and it looks cool!

    Making episodic posts can be quite exhausting. Also, the dispersion of the social media among different platforms and the improved general availability of anime reduced the need for it. Moreover, personally, I mostly satisfied my curiosity about the anime making process. In part, I was doing episodic photo essays because it made me more acutely aware of the scene composition, storyboarding, background art, etc. Now when I watch anime or other media, I am more aware of all these things. It is kind of like drawing makes you more aware of the structure of faces of other people, shapes, values, etc.

    Oh, these are interesting plans! I look forward to Rainbow Cinema and Fanart! I do hope that you are not going to restrict fanart to only big titles. Rather, focusing on those titles that you feel particularly passionate about, regardless of anime popularity.

    Thank you for mentioning new anime blogs and me! 🙂 The link to my blog is broken though >.<

    Happy New Year! Wish you happiness, health, and inspiration with writing and art! 🙂


    • Yes, time is such a wild horse. It’s almost scary. When lately Digimon announced a new season with the original 8 digidestined for the 15th anniversary then it really dawned on me that I’m getting old 0.0 Thanks a lot for the wishes!

      Not sure yet over the cost of things here, but I know it’s still high enough that most trans ladies -who also most of the time don’t have family support- prostitute themselves :/ We hope we’ll be able to leave our country though, so as to have more freedom of movement and expression.

      I had no idea about the bladeless fan! And wow it’s cool (and darn expensive).

      Ah I see. I can understand how you used it. I did realise that watching a series a second time and writing about it gives you a better insight but I don’t have much time for this unfortunately 😦

      About the Fanart Fangasm, big fandoms guarantee a plethora of fanarts among which I can find some awesome ones. So I don’t know if it can work with smaller fandoms :/ We’ll see. Of course, it must be series I’ve watched myself otherwise I can’t comment much either.

      The link is now fixed!


  2. Happy New Year to you guys too! Sorry to year about all the tough times the two of you experienced in 2014, so here’s hoping you have a great 2015!

    On a related note, I found your trans awareness posts to be really useful and eye-opening. Thank you so much for writing those. I’m also looking forward to the new columns you’re working on 🙂

    Take care and happy new year!


    • The people I live with won’t change but let’s hope I’ll find a way to cope with it until I get away from here. Thanks for the wishes!

      Really happy to hear I was able to get some things across!


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