2014: 9th day of Animanga


There are certain genres that are always tough to adapt in anime form. Sports and Musical anime are perhaps the best examples of that category, yet Fantasy doesn’t feel so far away. By Fantasy I mean settings that resemble medieval legends and/or worlds like that of Tolkien. Looking back at shows like Record of Loddoss War, Shaman Princess and Kemono no Shouja Erin one can find some good titles that unfortunately share certain weaknesses (lack of action, budget problems, etc.) and lack a sense of fun and epicness. Shingeki no Bahamut is a brave attempt to create something that contains all of these qualities.

If there’s one thing that SnB makes clear from the start is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Its goal isn’t to be the greatest anime of all time but rather to please and excite its audience to the max. To put it otherwise, if it was a band then it’d probably be something like Dio -good old, straight-forward heavy metal with demons, knights and the like. That lack of pretense gives SnB the opportunity to get way over the top on numerous occasions. My favorite one was probably the “lizard men vs zombies” ship battle, which is just one moment among many that filled my fangirl heart with excitement. There is a huge load of craziness in the script and that can only count as positive under SnB’s premise.

vlcsnap-00013All the dragons and the zombies in the world would be totally unimpressive if there wasn’t a whole lot of quality work put into properly presenting them. Fortunately SnB is filled with great animation, carefully designed characters and a soundtrack that helps to underline each moment’s best features. That doesn’t mean that SnB is just an empty show of fireworks. I love how much work was put into developing the protagonists’ character. Be it Favaro or Kaisar, Rita (who is my favorite) or Jeanne d’Arc, each person, demon and angel has his/er own role to fill in the story. As a cast they are pretty memorable and capable of adding what such a story needs; a good mixture of humor, aggressiveness and kick-ass mentality.

If there’s one weakness to SnB is the limitations that it puts on itself, namely its short duration and unwillingness to provide us with more than just fun. Shows like this one won’t end up being unforgettable but they are, in my opinion, currently needed to break the homogeneous storm of pantsu, moe and fanservice that the anime industry provides. I can only hope for more -perhaps a second season- so that we can enjoy more epic madness on our screens.


Take your pen and write your story, co-traveler~

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