Nekketsu men doing nekketsu things: An interview with Mane


Joesph Joestar from “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”.

(N): What’s your impression of Japan and its people now that you live there?

(M): I came to Japan four years ago in order to learn Japanese and I spent one year here. So, since I’m repeating the experience, I can say I have no problem with the Japanese lifestyle. Of course, as a foreigner I have some handicaps but also some advantages, so I can’t complain. The most difficult thing is making friends XD but perhaps I always try to be too friendly, and Japanese people have another way to show friendship…

(N): I really love your version of titles like Devilman, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Saint Seiya. What attracts you to these retro stories?

(M): I love good old shonen series the same way I love good old rock bands. I think they have something that today’s series (and rock bands) have lost. In the case of manga, I think old shonen series like Jojo’s or Saint Seiya had the kind of characters known as nekketsu (temperamental, passionate) who are able to do anything in order to defend their cause or in order to achieve something. Those temperamental characters are able to make credible the most uncredible story. I love that kind of passion.

(N): Most of the fanarts you’ve uploaded are dedicated to titles whose fanbase is, to a large extent, male. How is it to be a woman in such a setting?

(M): As a woman, I can enjoy those series in the straight way (reading the story as a normal adventure or battle or sport stuff), but also in a subversive way (playing with characters’ relationships). In short, doing a yaoi reading. Shonen manga provide the most desirable settings for that way of reading stories.

(N): What has been the feedback so far, both on the doujin titles and your artwork as a whole?

(M): I always receive very kind comments, I can’t complain! Any time I upload a pic on twitter, pixiv, tumblr or deviant I only receive compliments. I think it’s not because I draw very well or something but because I’m sharing my thoughts about a concrete series in a sincere way through my pictures. In other words, I can connect with fans like myself through pictures that illustrate scenes or show characters in a way the others think it could be possible. For example, I used to draw Marauders (from Harry Potter) before the movies and, well, many people told me “I see Marauders the same way!”. This is the best thing a fanartist can be told!

(N): Do you plan on publishing original art/manga? If so, what should we expect?

(M): Not at the moment, but if that happens, you should expect more nekketsu men doing nekketsu things! XD

(N): What is your biggest motivation as an artist and as a person?

(M): As an artist, I wish I would be able to create things that can connect and make the people who look at them happy. As a person, I want to find a job which satisfies me.


“Devilman & Satan”.

(N): From your list of drawings, can you pick up the one you feel the most proud of?

(M): Of course! The one I like the most is that one with Devilman embracing Satan! I used only pencil, but I tried my best drawing Satan’s wings and Devilman’s face. I love the contrast of their skins! I also love the cover of my last doujin “Dynamic Fiesta Heroes”! It’s full of energy and the boys are so cute.

(N): Is there a project, be it a comic, an artbook, a video game or anything you like, that you dream of becoming a part of?

(M): I wish I could work for Dynamic Pro, even as a waitress! XDDD (“Nagai sensei, here is your coffee!”) *kyaaaaa*! It’d make me so happy! I’m joking (well… perhaps not). If there were any opportunity to collaborate with Dynamic Pro, I’d wish to participate in any kind of project, that’s the truth.

(N): Fangirl time: name your three favorite top OTPs (one true pairing(s))?

(M): Hehe… perhaps this is the most difficult question! I have an army of OTPs!

Ok, I will tell you my top three: Akira/Ryo (Devilman), Rikiishi/Joe (Ashita no Joe) and Ryoma/Hayato (Getter Robo).

As you can see, they are all ManxMan. But I also love Normal CP (Tetsuya x Jun) and GirlxGirl (Michiru x Miki). I also include all kinds of fanservice in my doujins, in order to satisfy any kind of reader. ;D

(N): Is there a question that no one asks you but you really want to be asked? If so, what would the question and its answer be?

(M): Hm… you (interviewers) always surprise me with deep and good questions… so, I’ve never thought on a concrete question I would like to be asked… I prefer being surprised by you and I don’t have any problem with being asked about anything, so… XD


Ryoma Nagare from “Getter Robo”.

(N) Let us try a different question then: which character from Dynamic Heroes fits your personality better?

(M): If you want me to say who is the one I’d be friends with, I would say Benkei! He is so kind, he loves animals and kids… Benkei is lovely! But when he has to fight, he is able to fight fiercely! I mean, even if he is the sweetest among Getter Robo Pilots, he is not
coward, or weak. I like that kind of people!

In case you want to know which Dynamic Hero I identify with, I would say Duke. Sometimes I feel like an alien.

But, in case you want to know which one I like the most, I will say Ryoma. I love them all, but if I had to choose, Nagare Ryoma would be my choice. He is perhaps the dynamic character with more reinterpretations, and I like all them! Every new version of this character fits the previous and adds extra fascinating facets. Of course, I love his design, too! He is so attractive. XD

(N): What are your future plans?

(M): First of all, I have to finish my PhD, after that… who knows… ^^U But I won’t stop drawing doujinshi, I have two more Dynamic Heroes’ doujinshi to draw!! Can’t wait to start drawing again!

(N): Thank you for this great interview. Any last thing you wish to share with our readers?

(M): Thanks to you for all these fantastic questions! I enjoyed answering them a lot ! And thanks to all of you for reading this (long) interview! I hope I was able to transmit some interesting information on the amateur artists’ world!

See you on twitter(@yamanotenoko) and tumblr (laviejalvisillo)! Thankies!


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