Welcome to the world of webtoons!


I don’t know about you, but I am really happy that we live right now, in this era, despite everthing going on on a political and financial level worldwide. This is one of the best era for fans of comics! Never before where so many comics available online for free or even for a small fee from every part of the world!

Webtoons are Korean webcomics in full color, an abbreviation of website cartoons. If you read scans and visit sites like mangafox you might have noticed how this year Noblesse was the most read and faved comic. Since this past July NAVER, the most popular web portal in South Korea, offers through LINE’s Webtoon a variety of titles translated in English for free. You can read them through your PC, but the webtoons’ format is honestly way more suited for smartphones and tablets.

You can download the chapters you want to carry around and read them even without connection, but due to copyright restrictions you can do so for 30 days. You can rate the webtoon you want and favorite it so as to receive updates when the next chapter is up. At the bottom of each page you can like the chapter, comment on it and share it through facebook, twitter, line or copy the link to any other platform.

As the ad points out above there are a lot of genres to choose from. There are over 30 titles available at the moment and among these Noblesse, Tower of God, The God of High School and Girl of the Wild’s which are counting each over 100 chapters. The rest have just a dozen chapters up and I’ve found it easier to get into them, so I hope that the same goes for the readers of this blog.

The premises are quite fresh. For example, those interested in superheroes may like SHADOWS (Super Human Assistance Department Office Workers) which is about an organization that takes cares of the damages inflicted on the city after the battles between villains and heroes; SIDEKICKS is another hero-centric webtoon that tells the story of the sidekicks of heroes who try to become heroes themselves and of its corrupt system; I don’t want this kind of hero is a more comical spin to heroes under an agency and their adventures. Whoever liked Tiger & Bunny is sure to enjoy these series.

Whoever likes games should check Tower of God, The Gamer and DICE. Tower of God is about Bam and his ascension through the tower in order to find his one and only friend, but he has to go through many battles and tests to do so. The Gamer takes place in a universe where certain people are born with powers chosen by Gaia and related to their pasts; so our protagonist who is an avid gamer gets to be like a character in a video game. DICE plays with the chance of changing your place in life through a game but at the cost of consciousness and morals.

I’ve also checked and liked The Stories of Those Around Me and About Death. The first chronicles the lives of three 25-year-old girl friends and the second is poignant stories about this life and the after life. You should probably check the original comic, too, to listen to the music composed for each chapter.

The only minus is that although it’s an official site we’re talking about, its English isn’t the best sometimes.

It’s fascinating how the webtoons are so popular that dramas, films and animated series have started being produced in Korea much like in Japan.

Does anyone read webtoons already? If you do, I’d love you to chat me up for the titles that you follow. And if not, go check them!


11 thoughts on “Welcome to the world of webtoons!

  1. The only two web series that I’ve read are Girl’s the Wild and Tower of God, both of which I started within the past year or so.

    Girl’s the Wild is a great story for the first arc, but in each subsequent arc they basically just recycled the same story, beat for beat. Good for the first 50 or so chapters.

    Tower of God is straight up the the best comic I’ve ever read. It has a emotional depth I never would have expected, and has kept a pretty perfect mix of comedy, action, and interesting premises for each tower floor. I’d recommend it to pretty much everyone.

    Also there’s a chibi alligator. Just putting that out there.


    • Oh that’s good to have in mind about Girl’s of the Wild. Does it include romance? Coz I think it’s tagged a harem?

      Yes, Tower of God is fantastic! Not sure what’s my fav character, perhaps the lizard girl? The chibi alligator is ❤ ofc


  2. Hah, I have to say that I currently enjoy webtoons more than manga series, especially in the shoujo department (Dear, only you don’t know and Cherry boy, that girl are both great series). I’ve started Tower of God and stopped reading after a while, should catch up on it again.
    I also liked Nowhere Boy, because it started in a really unique way. If you like ‘world is gonna end in x days’-settings, you really should give it a try, starts in a funny way and gets depressive afterwards.


    • Oh these are titles I hear first time! So many series to look up! Could you elaborate on the differences of shoujo webtoons and shoujo manga? What did you find more appealing? Btw by a quick look Dear, Only You Don’t Know is listed as a josei rather than a shoujo (I’m not sure I’m fond of the premise though “girls have secrets” along the lines “women are from venus” and “women are deceitful non-comprehensible creatures”)


  3. I have been following tower of god for some time now and there are a lot’s of other interesting webtoons like Dr.Frost, Annarasumanara and such. Truly the epic scale of ToG reminded me of one piece!! Never imagined to find such a story from a new unknown source like a webtoon, Would recommend reading GreenBoy, it’s a lot of fun 🙂


    • I have Annarasumanara in my eye. Dr. Frost’s art isn’t the best but the blurb makes it look interesting. I’ve heard that Naver will publish it in English later this year, so I’ll take a look. Green Boy sounds like fun, too. Is the plot similar to Girls of the Wild? I haven’t started it yet, but I’ve been meaning to.
      Thanks for the recs and welcome to our blog!


      • Green boy is kind of like girl’s of the wilds, but it is a little more realistic and the art isn’t much, the story and drama involved makes up for the lack of it though. Give it a few chapters and you will see!


  4. I read webtoons and have done so for a long time. When Naver released the official translation I was really happy to be able to read the comics I love and at the same time support the authors. My favorite webtoon is Tower of God, it’s a nice adventure story with a lots of unexpected twists.
    Since you didn’t mention Kubera I’ll recommend it for you if you like mystery and fantasy. The story is a bit slowpaced in the begining but it gets better and better(there are about 200 chapters on Naver but it only feels like the story is still in the first act). The character are change after they experience things or learn new things. There are many well made characters and they have complicated conections to each other. The story is told from many POV which make the story richer but sometimes make other than your favorite characters get all the screentime for a few chapters.


    • Oh hello Sarah! I’m so happy that I found someone with whom I can talk about webtoons! If you have twitter or even better skype, please let me know, so that we can chat about our favorite series 🙂
      I’m aware of Kubera; browsed through the first chapter but didn’t capture me immediately. But since you recommend it, I’ll give it another go for sure!


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