Fanart Fangasm -1. Digimon

The first five illustrations play with the chibified version of the digidestined. I found them irresistibly cute. I’m fond of the playful composition of the third image, its sticker-like quality and the ‘window’ technique. The fourth one focuses on that fateful night the digidestined witnessed a battle between Greymon and Parrotmon and makes sure the arrangement of the image stresses that. Specifically, the digidestined form a V and its tip points to the huge Digimon, an egg and the entrance to the digital world, while the buildings of the town form an ellipsis around the main subjects of the illustration. I also like how in the fifth illustration the major -for the story- Japanese cities are part of the image; that’s the first time I see this incorporated into a  digimon fanart.

The circular illustration is something ubiquitous within the digimon fandom for reasons unknown to me, but this one is unique in that it features not just the kids with their digimons but landscape from the digiworld as well. To be exact, each landscape is associated with each child’s narrative and a digimon they battled. The younger selves of the kids are drawn, too. Such a small illustration and yet filled with so many details! Love it!

The last one with the digimon in the screen reminds me of the Hosoda’s film about the internet virus for the franchise and I find very appealing how the outlines of the Digimon are colored and bright to show they are part of the bright screen and actually data.

Some of the cutest, heart-warming digimon hugs ever! No, it’s not like I’m partial towards Hikari or anything…

I like the accents and textures in every illustration.

The first illustration’s gradient light blue background in combination with Mimi’s hat floating way above her and the arrangement of the digidestined imitates free falling without the need to include clouds in the composition. There are a few similar illustrations, but this one stands out for its vivid colors and the very characteristic body language. I can almost hear Tsunomon encouraging Joe, Mimi crying, Sora speaking softly to Pyocomon, Nyaromon purring in Hikari’s arms, Taichi saying how much he loves his buddy Koromon, Tokomon nagging with a little bit of jealousy to TK, while the latter holds his brother’s hand reassuringly and Mochimon asking questions to Koushiro/Izzy.

The second illustration makes great use of color palette and abstract designs in the background. The Digimon logo and the white rectangular bits on the right top and bottom highlight the digital aspect of the story nicely. Agumon has his hands open and wide apart showing that Taichi once again smothered him. Very typical display of affection by a teasing-loving Taichi.

The third illustration must have been made with drawr if I can judge from the fuzzy, slighlty pixelated nature of the image. Here shards are the accents and most probably are a metaphor for Rika’s and Renamon’s cynicism being shattered. At first, Renamon’s view on humans was that they were just aids for Digimon in digivolving, and her Tamer, Rika, thought that Digimon were just fighting machines. But steadily they came to care deeply for each other, so here is both of them in a blissful hug with serene facial expressions. Now you can melt. —On another note these shards look a lot like Renamon’s Diamond Storm attack. Note-worthy are also the digiletters on the bottom right which translate roughly as “I want to feel that chest hair”.

The fourth illustrations has the simplest background and focuses instead on Hikari and Tailmon. If I guess right, airbrush must have been used to draw this and Tailmon looks like a fresh sweet mochi you’d like to devour. Hikari’s hair look so shiny and silky that you want to pat them. Both are uber happy embracing each other!

The fifth and sixth illustrations play with the light source and remember how Light is Hikari’s badge? In the fifth illustration the light comes from behind Angewomon and bathes her wings emphasizing the holiness of Tailmon’s Ultimate form. In the sixth illustration this is partly replicated with the light that comes from above, but there’s also an intense light around Hikari in the shape of her symbol emphasizing spirituality. The illustrators also took advantage of the elements associated with Angewomon and Magnadramon (angels are associated with air and dragons with water) to create pretty, organic environments as backgrounds.

The seventh illustration uses the photographic lense as an idea. What fascinates me here besides my fangirling shipping feelings and the soft colors is the story behind the illustration. The two jogress buddies have fallen asleep next to each other with their digicompanions and there’s just someone naughty enough -could it be Yolei, TK or Hikari?- to snatch a photo of Daisuke drooling and perhaps having a nice dream and Ken having the most moe-sweet face of all time.

The last illustration is so very colorful and joyful! The purple background contradicts in a nice way with the yellow heart and if you notice there are stars and flowers sprayed across them. It’s a kinda sucharrine illustration, and that’s even more accentuated by the multicolored jelly-like, almost 3D presentation of the characters and the digimon. The outline of each pair has the assigned by the series color, ie. red for Takato and Guilmon, green for Henry and Terriermon and blue for Rika and Renamon. Their personalities are additionally portrayed accurately here: Takato is as usual a crybaby; Henry is very affectionate towards a playful Terriermon; and Rika wants to shove Renamon’s hand off her shoulder. Calumon is there to fawn over all of them!

And here come the ships…

The first three illustrations show that sometimes it doesn’t take much to create an attractive illustration. The first two display a fun atmosphere by making the couples levitate through the air and sprinkle their surroundings with different shapes and colors. In the Tai x Matt illustration the background calls to mind the Primary Village, a place of hope, nurture and fun, thus predisposing the viewer positively. Dynamics between the boys is another element spicing things up: Tai and Daisuke are gung-ho about their feelings while Matt and Ken are shyly carried away by them. The third was most probably the result of the palette challenge that goes around these days and I find this very positive because it pushes creative boundaries and color is one of the basic ingredients of art but hardly ever does an artist questions their color choices -especially the amateur ones.

The fourth illustration is on the other hand a complex composition. Takari was my Digimon ship when I was a kid and when I see such a pretty fanart about them I fall in love with it. The illustrator took advantage of the children’s crest compatibility and for her palette she used all the colors found on their digimon and their clothes. The swirly background makes the illustration really dream-like.

The fifth illustration should be a doujinshi promotional, but it stands so well on its own as an illustration, too. Part of its charm is the typography, the patterned backgrounds, the empty speeach bubbles and the ‘panels’. They add to the cuteness of the couples’ interactions. I might not be a big fan of Koumi or Taiora, but some teasing and contrasting personalities make up for interesting fanshipping.

Lastly, here are some fanarts I couldn’t group with others, but are nevertheless very well-crafted.

Jean Liang loves the Digimon Hurricane Touchdown/Supreme Evolution! The Golden Digimentals and presents us with a summer field from that film, featuring Terriermon on the first plan and the kids with the partners in the background. It’s a piece of art both highly detailed and minimalistic: take a look at the tiny shiny connected dots inside Terriermon’s ears which imply his digital existence! See how air caresses the wheat and makes Terriermon soar playfully! Can you hear the digidestined talking to one another? You may not see their faces but that’s why you have to come closer!

Arachnemon, Mummymon and BlackWarGreymon were some of the major antagonists of the second season and it’s not often that you get illustrations featuring them. If you didn’t come to at least sympathize with them as the series disclosed their pasts and worries, having them in chibi form and surrounded by sweets might change your mind. This is one more beautiful example of a limited color palette.

TGK must admire Aquilamon a lot to draw him in such majestic way. She uses Yolei both for height comparison and to underline how protective Aquilamon is of her. Additionally, Yolei’s determined expression says that despite being in her digimon’s shadow she’s worthy of his trust and that they’re a great team.

The fourth illustration garners a lot of things that I like: the crests, with which I was obsessed as a kid, parts of the digiworld, the binary code, towering clouds and the railway crossing bars and sign in the middle of nowhere.

Taichi loves a lot his sister and some of the most touching moments of the series are connected to their siblinghood. Where the uniqueness of the fanart lies is how the flashbacks of different moments they shared isnaren’t presented as photos but as drawings on a drawing block torn apart. Moreover, in order to have a clear sense of what happened in the past, the flashbacks are painted over with the three basic colors -a really clever way to make the page appear less loaded and separate the different levels of the story the image tells.

Simplicity is more don’t they say? Tai and Matt as the focus with a digivice ready to help the digimon digivolve right at the center of everything with some digital background is simple yet effective. The dark background contrasts nicely with the light of digievolution and the way it is drawn says much about these kids were swept away by this adventure.

I need to rewatch Digimon Tamers but it was a good series. Ovibos’ Dreams is from the first episode where everything began for the trio. Takato dreams of Guilmon and is carried into a battle where Renamon with Rika fight another digimon. Ovibo’s pencil work is fantastic but what’s more amazing is the composition that manages to relay a whole scene into a single illustration.

Other Digimon fanartists/projects to check out:


These posts are going to be altered periodically, when new eye-catching fanarts are out.

Which ones do you like the best?


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