Anime & Manga, Grammar, Syntax and Vocabulary 101

It’s advised to go to slideshare to download the pdf, so that you can use the table of contents properly (the links don’t work online for some reason).

I need to thank the people who helped me with their opinions on my work and our readers who have been patient with our slow updates.

4 thoughts on “Anime & Manga, Grammar, Syntax and Vocabulary 101

  1. Good work putting this together! A few remarks, if I may:

    – Table of Contents chapter links do not work.
    – I kind of get that it is metaphoric, but naming the first two sections grammar and syntax may be a bit confusing for some people. (I wouldn’t even be able to tell you the difference between grammar and syntax if you asked.)
    – This is nitpicking, but your genres seems to be more about setting than “reality factor,” in my interpretation of the phrase. I can think of plenty of series with a hard sci-fi or tempered fantasy setting that come off as more “realistic” than the many wacky series that can still count under the “Daily Life” setting.
    – Romance => doki doki? I smiled, but those who don’t know the term will be puzzled.
    – The stuff in character types and design characteristics seems less organized, bandying a lot of miscellaneous terms with little to no explanation or context, especially the latter with only captioned or labeled pictures. Sure, most people already into anime can pick this stuff up quickly, but a complete newcomer (which I assume is the target audience) might get lost here.
    – The Resources section was useful even for me. I hadn’t come across The Golden Ani-versary blog until now. Thanks!


    • Thanks so very much about the feedback!
      -I’ve been working on it for a long time and I kinda rushed it towards the end, so things like the table of contents were forgotten, but I’ll fix this; I promise.I guess the same goes with design characteristics, hehe (「≧ω≦)「 I should work on it prolly, but more concrete suggestions about fixing it would be welcome. But what’s wrong with character types? What do you think is missing?
      – After I fix things you mentioned and reupload this, I will talk a bit in the post about the terms ‘Grammar’ and ‘Syntax’. Or even in the pdf itself.
      – You’re right about the doki doki. I have to think about another word or an explanation.
      – Yes! Indeed, I had in mind how the world works, when referring to reality factor. I’ll make sure I clarify.
      – Yay~ Recources to spread the love and share knowledge :3 Happy you found it useful. *waves tail*


      • Oh wait, I’ve already kinda mentioned what Syntax and Grammar are in the beginning “This project is, in other words, a venture into the basic structures, forms and vocabulary of the field;” – Syntax is about categorization in other words, and Grammar about the formats.


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