More notes about us and others


Between being busy with real life and working on fan stuff we were nominated by our friend Overlord -who by the way has build a yuri review paradise at his place; go check him gushing enthusiastically over girls’ love and you might be interested in reading the interview he got from us. So here is our belated entry.


Before we begin, the rules:

  • Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post.
  • Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award.
  • Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.


Akira. Fudou Akira, also known as the Devilman. The most awesome, sexy, mature, brave, hot, spicy hot, hellishly hot, anti-hero with killer sideburns in the history of mankind.


Blind Guardian. The only power/heavy metal band I think I’ll never stop listening to. Their music is amazing and epic, a truly mythical gem.


Cookies. Chocolate cookies. I simply love them more than I should.


Drawing is a unique way to express ourselves. We love creating images of passion and elegance -or at least trying to do so.


Escape. Currently trying to make one, away from where I live, close to the people I love.


Friendship. Full of contradiction and joy, as needed as fresh air.


Grudge. I do hold them against people who have hurt me -especially those who never apologise.


Horo & Hikari. The former is the goddess I admire, the latter my first anime crush.


Internet -I would not be the person I am without it today. So much freedom, so many paths to knowledge and communication to the rest of the world.


Japan. This may not come as a surprise to those who know us or read our blog, but the country’s cultural contribution to mankind’s wealth is amazing and it influences both of us everyday.


Kajiura, Yuki. Her music might be boring to some, but I really love it. It always gets me excited -songs like Magia always enchant me.


Lingerie. A fashion iteam that I adore.


Mokona Apapa from Clamp. Her work is treasure and I really wish I could draw like her.


Nudity. We love it, especially when it is artistic and graceful.


Okazaki Mari. Another mangaka with unique and pretty art that I just can’t take my eyes off. Unfortunately, not many of her works are translated in English.


Pressure. Neko-kun is the sort of person who has no problem to be put into pressure, but he hates -and I really mean the word hate– people who put unneccessary pressure onto him.


Quince. Once I ate it, baked in the over with kaimaki ice-cream garnish and I thought I entered paradise.


Revolutionary Girl Utena. The anime thank to which we met, talked, loved one another and made this blog.


Sexuality. It’s not only important for both of us on a personal level and as a cause for activism -we give it our best to make people understand that it is the most natural part of being a human being.


Tomato juice. With some salt and a little bit of peper makes for a delicious drink -I don’t know why people don’t like it that much.


Umbrella. It’s much more fun when we run through rain without one.


Video games have always been one of my favorite hobbies.


Watanabe Saki. In difficult times her skills as a leader, along with her beautiful soul, were commentable.


X/1999. CLAMP’s masterpiece


Yes. It’s the answer I want to give to myself when I think “Can I do this?”


Zealous. When I love what I do I make sure that the outcome is perfect. I can dedicate any number of hours if I put my mind to it. I still need my pace though.


This was a bit random and older readers might notice we’ve repeated certain things we’ve talked about in the past, but finding to say something for each letter is not as easy as it seems. But beyond us, I always find such opportunities great to direct interest to new blogs I’ve found worth reading. This time’s picks are:

Chromatic Aberrations Everywhere – another couple blog, yay~ With a variety of titles commented and reviewed, as well as extensive essays on fandom based on bibliography.

Anime Viking – fresh honest writing and great ambience from a Swedish blogger.

Wrong Every Time – with a literary background he does a great work at providing as objective as possible critics of anime series.

Fantastic Memes – a lively guy who likes yaoi and ecchi and writes insightful essays based on what he’s watched or his experience as a fanfiction writer.

Manga for Grownass Women – what the name of the tumblr blog says: reviews and recommendations of mostly josei titles.

Feminist Fujoshi – for those who are like me and don’t like their yaoi with non-con situations, this is a tumble that has compiled and keeps renewing such a list.

Love’s Boys – although on hiatus, the older entries don’t lose value. This tumblr-blogger has written many well-structured reviews on BL titles.


1 thought on “More notes about us and others

  1. I’ve been waiting for this one and it was worth the wait, as expected.

    Several of these facts are known to a frequent visitor like me, such as Utena and Devilman but Cookies surprised me.

    If Mr Neko has a PS3 and is on PSN once a moon, I’d be happy to add him.


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