Happy 2014!


Happy New Year, co-travelers! Let this year make us even better people, let us be kind and keep searching, keep going, keep loving. Let us communicate more! I surely feel I’ve won a lot from twitter discussion and even some tumblr talk; I was made to challenge my ideas on issues as circumcision, asexuality, racial features and realities etc.

Many thanks to:

  • Overlord, who keeps me great company on Facebook and is our top commentator;
  • Josh, who started commenting this year a few times;
  • John Sato, who’s my -mainly- Ghibli movie watching partner,
  • Justin, with whom I shared nostalgic and trolling moments while watching Digimon Adventures (s1 & s2) this summer;
  • to all the new and old readers.

And talking about communication, drop by even just to give season greetings. The number of followers through e-mail have exceeded the 700, yet things are still quiet here much of the time. We’ve moved to wordpress to get more connected – and I wonder if it deserved the effort since we lost many handy and pretty features that were free on blogspot :/ It’d be more than interesting to know how new people discovered us.

Follow us, as we look back to what progress the blog and its bloggers made this past year (while thanking more people) and make plans for the future. 

Uta.no☆prince-sama♪.full.898136What happened this year to make us proud and/or happy?

  • We organized the Kaori Yuki MMF. At the beginning we were afraid that the contributions were too few, but we ended up with over a dozen, which isn’t bad at all if we compare it with other MMFs. We have to thank many of our friends for offering a helping hand, namely awesome articles and spreading the word.
  • We may have produced less posts, but we believe each post was of very good quality AND we made into e-books some great fanfictions.
  • We got quoted!!! Thanks, Pontifus.

And not sure if that counts, but I’ve completed my collection of the Red River volumes! It’s one of my most favorite shoujo, so you should expect a review soon. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, the deluxe manga edition is also in my hands. And Right Stuf! sold the Revolutionary Girl Utena Boxset with a ring in an amazing price, so here I am with the anime of my destiny in my arms. Neko-kun bought volumes of his precious Devilman from overseas and gathered many Tezuka treasures. Generally, we invested a lot of money this year in our fandom love -more than last year.

5563aca74b820787b5c0d325e69b32a6-d4c6cqqSo what’s up for this year? For starters, we’ve got a new theme, namely Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s my favorite Ghibli film, one that involves lots of magic and the maturing of two individuals brought together by fate. There’s something very warm about it. The last scene and even before that the implication of a time loop and that Howl was searching for her all along… just overwhelms my heart. The music and the colors make you fall in love with it even deeper. I’ve dedicated a post on it in the past. I feel it’s a fitting theme, representing both our battles with ourselves and some of our intentions for this year to come, i.e. more romance and more fairy tales.

30427831Although we are going to consume older projects and columns like the Asian Artists, Left Unsaid and Down the CLAMP hole, we’ll shift the focus of the reviews to romance manga (het, yaoi, yuri) and erotica (indie comics and subscription to Filthy Figments), lgbt cinematography. Fairy tales as we said are another topic we’ll be focusing on. We would also like to explore more the world of webcomics and non-japanese animation and hopefully some novels (Kino no Tabi, Shin Sekai Yori).

As a partial proof of this year’s resolutions you may check the Links> Services, webcomics etc. page on the navigation menu. It contains our sources and a pool of titles we will choose from.  Or click here.

Additionally, we look forward to presenting you in the next two months an Anime & Manga 30195906Grammar and Syntax 101 and to working on the Fandom Explorations podcast. Besides, Foxy Lady Ayame wants to attempt writing and drawing a doujinshi, but nothing is set in stone about it. Plus, we’ve started compiling our next travelog and if you’d like you can contribute whatever you afford to help with the expences for the editing and printing (last year it costed us around 250 euros in total); you may send us a donation to ayame.purpleiris75@gmail.com or simply click on the Donate button on the sidebar.

Lastly, you’ll notice we’ve changed avatars and now there’s an extra page under the About Us with the full illustrations we commissioned to Sankoma for our personas. Gradually we might add more illustrations of our mascots and we’re having thoughts of making some badges and/or stickers if it’s possible.

Before closing this post, we remind you that we are open to criticism and/or suggestions.


Raise your glass and we’ll have a cheer
For us all who are gathered here
And a happy new year to all that is living
To all that is gentle, kind, and forgiving


10 thoughts on “Happy 2014!

  1. Sorry it took me so long to greet you and reply to this New Year’s post. Looking forward to more from both of ya. You can count on me to keep on being around and say neat stuff whenever I can visit. Keep on rockin’ Foxy and Neko!

    Your move to WordPress reminds me of my url change. Maybe it was a bad idea but it is what it is. People still drop by and that’s better than getting lots of stalkers who don’t say anything. Anyway keep on being awesome you two!


  2. A late happy New Year… I am one of those “silent” readers, but with great pleasure I am reading your articles. I really enjoy the work of Kaori Yuki, so I was very glad with all the articles about her. I consider Angel Sanctuary the best manga ever written, with close second X. I am really looking forward to your posts, I like the fairy and love theme, so I will keep a close watch on you!


  3. Happy New Year! I haven’t been commenting much lately (maybe you’ve even forgotten I existed ^^), but know that this blog is always one of my top priorities to read.
    Kotoshi mo yoroshikuonegaishimasu!


  4. Happy New Year! I love this blog, the articles are so well written! I can’t think of anything to really add most of the time, and just saying “Great article!” seems too short. Anyway, looking forward to reading your post about Kino no Tabi, as it’s one of my favorite novel series, and I’m currently going through the Japanese versions.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Thanks a lot for your wishes and compliments~
      17 volumes and it’s still ongoing… it might not be a review, it might be a commentary or an essay since it’s not completed. But surely its turn will come. It must be a challenging reading in Japanese; but I can only try it in English as of now.

      P.S.: I’m happy even if you push the like button on the bottom of the post 🙂


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